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Bridget Martin
Bridget Martin, Accountant
Category: Financial Software
Satisfied Customers: 652
Experience:  10+ yrs experience on Consulting end-users in QuickBooks.
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why does my computer reverse credits and debits when updating

Customer Question

why does my computer reverse credits and debits when updating visa quicken credit card to quicken
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Bridget Martin replied 5 years ago.
Because a debit to them is a credit to you and vice versa. You are transferring transactions from their books (the lender) to your books(the debtor) so the transactions are opposite in your books.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Answer is not satisfactory. until recently updates were shown properly. Bank updates are still correct. Debits are debits and credits are credits. Call me 205 980 5955. Jerry Lee.
Expert:  Bridget Martin replied 5 years ago.
Jerry, we are not able to offer phone support. I will opt out so another expert can look at this.

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