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Bridget Martin
Bridget Martin, Accountant
Category: Financial Software
Satisfied Customers: 652
Experience:  10+ yrs experience on Consulting end-users in QuickBooks.
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How can I merge two quicken credit card accounts into one account

Customer Question

How can I merge two quicken credit card accounts into one account in Quicken 2011
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Financial Software
Expert:  Bridget Martin replied 6 years ago.

To move transactions from one credit card account to another within the same Quicken data file:
First, make a backup of your Quicken data file, just in case the results are not what you expected.
In account A, mark the transactions that wish to move to account B

- If the transactions are in one contiguous block, click the first transaction to highlight it. Scroll down to the last transaction, press and hold SHIFT then click the last transaction. All transactions within that block should now be highlighted.
- If you need to pick and choose individual transactions, CTRL-Click each transaction individually. They should highlight and stay highlighted as you CTRL-click more transactions.
When done selecting transactions, right-click on any highlighted transaction within the block, click on "Move transactions" in the popup window. Select "Account B" from the popup account list, click OK. That should do it.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

That method, assuming Account "A" is the oldest account, can corrupt the categories and bank reconciliations. It is not logical as you are moving the most data from A into B which has the least. It did not work properly.



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