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17. We determine that parental income (X) is positively

Customer Question

17. We determine that parental income (X) is positively correlated to children's academic achievement scores (Y). Therefore, we can assume that
A. Y and X occur at the same time.
B. X causes Y.
C. Y causes X.
D. X precedes Y in time.
18. Based on the central limit theorem, we will know that at the 95 percent level of confidence, 95 of 100 observed math achievement scores will fall within _______ standard errors to either side of the population mean.
A. 0.95
B. 3.0
C. 2.0
D. 1.96
19. In general, the dependent variable is to the _______ as an independent variable is to a/an _______ variable.
A. outcome; explanatory
B. variance; explanatory
C. variance; predicted
D. outcome; predicted
20. To figure out how a resource can be used directly, you'll focus on
A. nonuse value.
B. economic cost or benefit.
C. use value.
D. noneconomic cost or benefit.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  lkhoward replied 8 months ago.

hi again lol. boy you sure have a lot of work to do. When are these due?

Expert:  lkhoward replied 8 months ago.

I'll work on this tomorrow

Expert:  lkhoward replied 8 months ago.

working on this now

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