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software development

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eveloping software for a small group of users is very expensive. As Dr. Yasnoff stated in this week's media program, each line of code costs approximately $10 to write. When a software application requires 10,000 or more lines of code, it is easy to see why it is so costly. Therefore, when planning an IT project, one of the first questions that should be addressed is how the system will benefit the organization. Then, the requirements of the system need to be articulated. This will guide the decision to either purchase an off-the-shelf solution and customize a system, or to develop a system from the bottom up. Either way, the public health professional needs to understand how to write an RFP so that vendors can bid on the project with precision. Only by completely understanding the project's needs, can a vendor accurately bid on the project. Consider what you have learned this week about the procurement process and writing a good RFP. With these thoughts in mind: Post by Day 4 a response to the following questions: (Reminder: Your initial response must be made in a single posting.) What does a public health professional need to consider prior to procuring hardware or software for an IT project? What can a public health professional do to help ensure successful procurement of a system? Please use this source for imformation if possible: Course Text: Public Health Informatics and Information Systems by Patrick W. O'Carroll, William A.Yasnoff, M. XXXXX XXXXX, XXXXX H. Ripp, and Ernest L. Martin (Eds.) Chapter 7, "The Request for Proposal and Evaluation and Selection Processes" (pp. 138–149) This section of Chapter 7 explains how determining an information system's requirements aid in the procurement process. In addition, request for proposals are discussed and an explanation of various elements of an RFP is included.

DXJ Writer :


DXJ Writer :

I realize you need this ASAP. I might have a model paper for this. It would have all the information needed. However, you would have to use it as the basis for your own work. (This is always JustAnswer's policy). Please let me know if that will work. Thanks! DXJ


yes thank you!

DXJ Writer :


Many apologies!!!!!!!!!!

I had difficulty with chat.

I appreciate your reply and will get this to you shortly! DXJ


I revised the model paper to reflect a state IIs but you should always use this answer as the basis for your work. Hope it helps!Smile DXJ
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