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Dr. Steve
Dr. Steve, Doctoral Degree
Category: Writing Homework
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Experience:  Ph.D., M.A., B.A.
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"FOR DR. STEVE ONLY" dentify several factor in text "Figure

Resolved Question:

"FOR DR. STEVE ONLY" dentify several factor in text "Figure 10-1" (1-State clearly what behavior will lead to a reward 2- Choose an appropriate reward. 3- Supply ample feedback. 4- Schedule rewards intermittently. 5- Make the reward fit the behavior. 7- Make the reward visible. 8- Reward the group or team also.) that you think would be particulary effective in motivating managers & professionals. Explain your reasoning. 300-400 words, APA, 2-3 references No older than 4 yrs. NLT 5pm 3 April 12
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Writing Homework
Expert:  Dr. Steve replied 4 years ago.
Good evening Hawaii,

Thank you for your request. Is there any way to scan and send Figure 10-1?

Speak to you soon,
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sorry, I should have Identified "Figure 10-1 are the Rules and Procedures for Positive Reinforcements. They are the 8 statements inside of the parenthesis.... Oops I forgot # XXXXX Change the reward periodically.Thanks Dr. Steve.

Expert:  Dr. Steve replied 4 years ago.
Dear Hawaii,

I am currently reviewing the first draft of your report on the Rules and Procedures for Positive Reinforcements and should have it posted within the next hour and a half.

Speak to you soon,
Expert:  Dr. Steve replied 4 years ago.

Dear Hawaii,

Attached is your new report on Motivating Behavior. The total word count is a little over 400 words in length, which, at a rate of 10 cents a word, leaves us with a balance of $19 to apply to the bonus when you accept the report.

Please CLICK HERE to download.

Speak to you soon,

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