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Jane T(LLC)
Jane T(LLC), Bachelor's Degree
Category: Writing Homework
Satisfied Customers: 8435
Experience:  Writing expert (published and written on many subjects).
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Hi Jane!

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Hi Jane! It's been awhile. I need your help once more. I have two questions that I need help in and have only but a short time to answer them. Can you help? Here are both questions I need your expert help on. I would need Assignment #1 answered by Sunday 12/11/2011 by 6pm PST. The sooner the better to give me ample time to compose my own paper. Please let me know if this is doable. I will most definitely compensate you for your quickness and timely response. The second question/assignment is due on Wednesday 12/14/2011. This is part of my final paper and need to submit it to my team for review by 12/15/2011 Thursday. Can you help me with this also??? I really hope you can!! Assignment #1 - Knowing Your Audience Paper and Communication Release Resource: “Over 30 Workers Trapped After Chilean Copper Mine Collapse.” Weik, J. (2010, August 6). Over 30 workers trapped after Chilean copper mine collapse. Metal Bulletin Daily, (224), 65.

Attachment: 2011-12-10_045059_over_30_workers_trapped_after_chilean_copper_mine_collapse.docx

Research additional articles and information about the Chilean mine collapse. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper using this and other articles as a resource. Because communications must be designed with the audience in mind, answer the following questions: • What are some considerations to remember given the different roles and people in the audience? o What would be the potential needs of the families of the miners in receiving a message about this incident? o What would be the potential needs of the company’s employees when receiving a message about this incident? • What actions must you take before and after the message is delivered to ensure that it was received as intended? Format the paper consistent with APA guidelines. Please include all references/resources. Draft two communications from the mining company announcing the accident, using what you have learned about the audience and effective messages. One communication should be directed to the families of the trapped miners and the other as an internal news release to employees in the company. For both, identify the most appropriate channel—face-to-face, e-mail, video, memo, and so on. Assignment #2 - Debate Paper (Finals) Resource: Learning Team Debate Paper Outline Write a 1,750- to 2,100-word debate paper in which the team creates a debate of a current event or other controversial topic and provides an analysis of arguments presented for both sides. Complete the following in the paper: Select one of the following countries: • India • Japan • Brazil  This is my portion of the debate paper is to create a 350- to 500-word cultural evaluation in which you identify the ways that arguments or presentation of the arguments would need to be changed as the result of cultural differences in the country. This is my portion of the debate paper that I am in need of help. Format the evaluation consistent with APA guidelines. Please include at least 1 reference/resource. I am including the Learning Team Debate Paper Outline for you to review the arguments.

Please let me know if you decide to help & that you were able to retrieve the files. THANK YOU JANE!!!!!

Hi Jane! It's Saturday 12/10/2011 @ 6:47a. I was hoping I'd hear from you by now. You usually respond right away. Can you please respond as soon as you can so I can seek other options if needed. I know I'm pushing for time but I was trying to get these completed without help. As you can see, I do need your help desperately. I will keep checking back to see if you have replied. Thanks!!!!

Jane T (LLC) :

Hi, I had not seen this until tonight, Sat. I can help you with these, hope you get this in time.


Hi Jane! Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX Thank you!!! I am so glad you were able to see it. The first assignment is due on 12/12/2011 Monday but I need some time to compose my own paper. So if you could answer the first question by Sunday night, early Monday morning, that will still give me enough time to do my own paper. I hope this is doable for you. Then the second assignment/question is due Wednesday 12/14/2011, but the latest by Thursday night. Let me know if you got the attached information for the questions and if there is anything else you need. Again, thank you Jane!!! You are a lifesaver!

Jane T (LLC) :

Hi, yes, I got your materials.

Jane T (LLC) :

Hi, here is your answer review please save. Let me know if you have any questions. With the time difference this should give you enough time to work.


Hi Jane! Thanks. It looks great. And I have enough time to get my paper done. Do you want for me to accept this answer now or wait till question/assignment #2 is answered? Let me know, either way. I appreciate your speedy response!

Jane T (LLC) :

Hi, wait - I need incentive-LOL!

Jane T (LLC) :

Hi, can you tell me which of the 3 countries you wanted to use?

Customer: Hi Jane-- your pick. Whatever you feel the most confident in. I will create my own from there. Thanks!!
Jane T (LLC) :


Jane T (LLC) :

Hi, here is your answer review please save. Let me know if you have any questions.

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