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why do scholars believe that Rubens work epitomizes the Baroque

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why do scholars believe that Rubens' work epitomizes the Baroque movement
Is there a word count?
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
No an overview
Baroque art is a movement from late 1500s to 1700s that was characterized by the reigning emotions of the Counter Reformation that eventually spread to Protestant countries. Stylistically, this was shown in the dramatic illustration of figures against a backdrop of shadow. Another aspect of baroque art was the use of models of every day life as well as an emphasis on volume, movement and energy. This is shown in many of Ruben's works. For example, in "Fall of the Phaeton," Rubens uses heavy light contrast to show the light shining over a mass of bodies while the drama of the battle is shown through the use of movement in the horse and the people. Another example of this would be in "Raising the Cross," in which Rubens stylistically showed dramatic inspiration through the carrying of Christ. The use of light on the muscles of the characters dramatizes the struggle as well as the movement of the action, while the shadow on Jesus shows the energy of the piece. These characteristics commonly found in Ruben's art highlights the normative techniques of Baroque art.
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