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coloryourlife, Master's Degree
Category: Writing Homework
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Experience:  20+ years experience in business and tutoring; expert writing instructor and editor.
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I am a ms degree professional and have read all the books I

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I am a ms degree professional and have read all the books I need to and more for a continuing ed class. i have terrible computer skills and I have no time to write. can soneone give me a one page summary on the book Heidegger (an introduction) by Richard Polt? or the book A brief history of everything by Ken Wilbur (gosh, I have listened to all his cds also, I should be able to in my sleep. this work must be a high level of thought and related to in why this book would help an executive coach someone? thanks. if satisfied and done well in Word, I would have more, and be happy with price...thanks Lorraine.

Hello Lorraine, I am happy to help you with as many as you need.I just need the specific title you want, and the date due - Which book do you want, and I think for the amount given I can do more for you than one page. Please advise, and thanks! Kelvin

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
sounds wonderful, are you a professor and can I share the previous info I gave Eden rather than re write all of that? Perhaps you have seeen our correspondance I live in CA and have been up all may I get a bit of sleep and you can discover what I wrote to have my permission of course. do you mind telling me your academic credentials? sorrry, so tired, I can barely type.write back when you can, just give me about 2 hrs to sleep? grateful.

Sure, send to [email protected], att Kelvin, ResearchPro


Please be specific regarding what you need from me, and the deadline.


B.A. History/Business Administration, University of Colorado

M.A. University of Kansas, History, Social Science, taught Western Civilization, Intro to Study Methods, Cross Functional Social Science for the Humanities

ABD University of California, Riverside (ran out of money, hahaha).


Taught: UKansas, UCalifornia Riverside, Orange Community College, CalState Fullerton


Professional Writer and Editor for many genres for past 15+ years, plus owned my own businesses, which were sold last summer.


Let me know, glad to be working with you! Send whatever you like!

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Great going, Here it is:
Heidegger by Richard Polt
The Diamond Cutter by Geshe Michael Roach
Denial of Death by Ernest Becker
A brief History of everything by Ken wilber

4 books. just a page is fine if you need 1.5 pages OK, they do not want too much. keep your eye on what books say and how relevant to professional coaching---how does it help me, help others that I read tis book. I need it in word and looking good, not fancy. this is tough part, I need them by June 1. without a slip as I will be doing other books, I have to rely that these four are at least out of the way. I can see your background is very good and I can imagine you will do great. am willing to talk or write more after you digest. but can you commit as soon as the next hour? I am under the gun and have much work I am doing--took time off to do it---writing it up I mean, I did the work......the real work....I hate writing. thanks, Sir.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Additionally, I am open as to price. you can tell me honestly what it will take to do an excellent job. I am into 'excellence" and cannot believe I am even doing this. So, "excellence" rates money. think about what you can really do, realistically. I am fair and honest person, Lorraine.
Hi Lorraine, let me be sure I know what you mean. We are not allowed to talk price, so I will have a moderator email you on that. You'd like a critical review based somewhat on your notes, but at the graduate level, on 4 books, 1-1.5 pages each with references, so a total of 4-6 pages? Is that correct? And, btw, if I cannot do an excellent job, I don't take the assignment - part of the 20 years as an entrepeneur and my steadfast attempt to find an appropriate marketing position (wink). let me know if this is correct, I will then ask a Moderator to get back to you. THANKS! Kelvin
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, sorry I was away for a bit....I do not need references, nor 4-5 pages per book. I just need the summary of the book, the meaning for human development and how reading it would help someone like you, for example, help another person who might be struggling with a life issue. it is not that the book itself would be used but, the broad base of knowledge we all pull from, would be 'made richer' by the book. So, 1 page per book. I see that a paragraph or so of a sound summary, the broad learnings you want to highlight, and ending with why the book was helpful, new learnings, reminder of old concepts....or as simple as why anyone reading that book might get new insigts. Less words than I think you are imagining. Just to the point...but clear,.and wise, and of course grounded in knowledge of the books primary message. Easy in a way, just got to read!!! what do you think, I am anxious to get committed. I feel you can do this. thanks. let me know by tomorrow getting backed up and I was ill....sorry for the delay on my end. lorriane. and btw, I do not have "notes".....I meant for eden to send along what I wrote to him.....I have some notes that I might substitute a line or so of your summary If I felt it added value, but no, this would be just your own sense based on the topics of interest I described above. make sense? Yes, do not worry, I will deal with price as the system requires. LZ.

When is your deadline, and this is ok, if you feel the work to be superior in quality, bonuses are always appreciated. I am on it, when do you want it completed?


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Need it by June 3....know that is tight. bonuses are important. Can you guarantee the June 3 on all 4 books? If so, Lets do it. Lorraine.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hi, waiting for your "go" signal...but am exhausted and must sleep. If it is a go, please go forward and know I am good with it; lose no time! but please write you can make the deadline? thans, good nite. Lz
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
please give me a yes or no, am going to have to move on if not hear soon, sorry, just clock is ticking. lzipp

How about if I give you an even better outlook - I will have it done before the end of the month! THANKS, XXXXX XXXXX not worry- I will do a great job for you!



Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Well, Mr. Kelvin, am I glad you showed back up. Listen, June 1 or 2 is fine. this is much work. If you get it to me by May 31, I might have more work for you....would you be interested? it would be basically the same type of work....on 2 more books; and they would have to be done in really quick turn around, as in 3 days. Additionally, I do not know your computer skills. but I have done much work that needs to be in a certain format. Possible for you to take my work and simply put in the format I would send with the work? This would be after June 4.....I am still doing that work now. It would be nice to know if I did not have to struggle with format. The format, is basically Word, but putting my analysis into the four quadrants which means being able to make a large box, that has four quadrants and filling in the data. I already have it done sort of like that, but not uniformly....I played with different models. They must be of one model type....which I could send you...and all uniform. Anyway, the only urgency to know if that is of interest or not as that would mean I could focus on content which I would rather do.... and worry less about the computer rules and alignment, etc. So, if you have the skills on that and it interests you at all. ...give me a "hey"....thanks, XXXXX XXXXX really happy we are "engaged"....lz.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Hello out there............where is the work I thought was agreed on for June 3 at the latest. It is June 4 and I now have to do them all tonight when I would have taken one a night since the May 27 when we agreed; what is happening here?

I tried to post these this morning and the system would not let me - I emailed customer service to find out what was up because it showed you had closed them????


Did you repost or reopen them? Do you still want me to upload?


Well, here you go - I have emailed customer service about this since I had been attempting to upload for several hours:




coloryourlife and other Writing Homework Specialists are ready to help you
Hope these were ok, I really enjoyed the assignment - did NOT want you to think that I had forgotten you or the wonderful comparisons!
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
please see the feedback I left re; work. you were at a high level, made great connections and I would use you again. I still have not learned how it is I did not get the work from the site, am I correct that it was problem.? I am also not familiar with web file, or wherever I eventually found the work as Tina helped us connect? If you would teach me what I might have done differently, it would help me for next time. I often do my own reports and then like to compare them to someone else, and you and I thought very much alike about Becker which for me was dense...........thanks so much.