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Our son recently became engaged and the couple is looking at

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Our son recently became engaged and the couple is looking at a nearby small venue to have an outdoor wedding. If they decide to have the wedding at this location we will be very limited on the number of guests we can invite. As the parents of the groom is there a "proper" way for us to host a separate celebration and invite friends and family members who have invited us to their weddings?when would be thee correct time to do this. Should we say " no gifts?" We have a wonderful relationship with the bride to be and her family and would aslo have them include any guests that they would like to invite. Thank you for your help with this situation
Hello Paula and welcome to JustAnswers.Congratulations first on your sons engagement. The wedding outdoors is a great choice with the weather becoming better as the summer months are coming up.As to your question about a "separate celebration", quite common with families having booked a small venue and not able to invite everyone you wish to include on this special day. The issue that may come up is that those not invited to the wedding may feel slighted as the reception held later on after the wedding event is over may not feel the same as watching the bride and groom cut the cake etc.My thought on this would be to hold the separate reception at another time from the actual wedding date. You can plan either a nice party or something simple like a BBQ. As long as family and friends who were not invited to the wedding are understanding that the original venue is a bit small for all to attend. Send an invite to those you wish to have at the second party to help celebrate your sons special day. I believe most will feel comfortable attending as this shows you care about them in your lives and want to share in this special day.I also agree with you that "no gifts" is appropriate as this party is to share your sons special day and not the actual wedding reception. Just having a great day with friends and family is plenty.
I hope my suggestions to your planning of the reception is something that is helpful to you. Please go ahead with any additional questions/thoughts you might have. If everything sounds fine, please go ahead and rate my assistance so that I know my help was useful and allow me to assist other customers on the site.Take care,Michael
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Do you have any suggestions regarding the wording of an invitation for this type of event? Thank you again
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Do you have any suggestions regarding the wording of an invitation for this type up of event?
Happy to offer some ideas in order to word such an invitation.Jane and Joeinvite you to join us at ourreceptioncelebrating our recent marriage.7pm on Saturday, the 10th of OctoberBigtown BallroomYour Town, WAThere's no need to talk about the part of the wedding they can't attend when inviting them to the part that they can. Keeping it short and to the point works just well.
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