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Experience:  ASE Master Certified,32 years diagnostic/repair experience all makes and models ,shop owner
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I have a friend with a 2010 Tiguan 2.0 turbo with around

Customer Question

Hi, I have a friend with a 2010 Tiguan 2.0 turbo with around 130000 miles. I'm not a mechanic by trade but I know a lot about engines. She lives far from me so I can't inspect for myself but she calls when car problems arise. First a new radiator to solve a slow coolant leak, still loosing coolant then she was told the thermostat housing was cracked. Now an oil leak and she's been told it's the head gasket and should replace entire engine. Is the head gasket a common problem with these engines? and It doesn't seem like an engine replacement would be the solution, is a head gasket job on this engine that much of a problem? Thanks
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Randall replied 1 year ago.

Hello, common? no, symptoms for a failed headgasket? yes, oil goes through the gasket as well as coolant, bad rad, then cracked T Stat, may been caused by too much pressure in exhaust gasses, not that uncommon or from overheat,.I would not have a way to know, , Neither of us are looking and diagnosing so I am going to try and sum it all up for you

Book time for the engine>? about 8.8 hours, Book time for the head gasket? near 18 hours., It is more work to do the gasket than swap the engine then? you can run risks after all the repairs, and warranties are non exist or very minimal compared to an engine.I do not have advise but sure understand why they said engine vs headgasket, this is even how our shop would approach this type of repair. I am sorry to give the bad news side of this , I can only try to explain why engine vs headgasket, Gasket is risky at best ,

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