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2001 VW Golf: the hatch latch..latch mechanism..door wont open

Resolved Question:

How do you remove the hatch latch on a 2001 VW Golf - 4 door? The latch mechanism is stuck. door wont open.
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Wolfgang replied 6 years ago.

Eurocar Inc :

hello there !

Eurocar Inc :

the panel needs to be removed !! on the grab handles on both sides there is a screw remove on both sides then pull the panel off of the hatch!!! they are held by metal clips!!

Eurocar Inc :

then you can get to the latch!!

Eurocar Inc :

note most likely the lock cylinder assy is frozen up due to corrosion and rust you can try use some pb blaster and work the linkage free !! if it still tight then the cylinder assy and maybe some other linkage points need to be replaced!!

Eurocar Inc :

I think i have answered you question fully and deposits does not pay me in full until the green accept button is pressed for the consultation

thank you for you support in JustAnswer and have a great day

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