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2001 jetta gl:, EPC light, code PO321

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I have a 2001 jetta gl 2.0. moved car to wash it, would not start after washing. Tried every few days to start it, EPC light, code PO321. After about a month I thought I would see how the battery was and it started right up and EPC light went off after about 15 seconds. It has 68k miles but I am having trouble trusting it. Any suggestions about how I should proceed. Note: the EPC light has come on before but it did restart after a short time. Thanks, Al. Also, I have waited so long because I cannot afford to spend alot of money on car repairs.
Good EveningCustomer This code is for failure of the engine speed sensor or a fault with the signal from it to the PCM...Sounds like it could be on its way out, or maybe the wiring got soaked while washing the car...Since you're on a tight budget I would drive it locally and monitor the frequency of fault occurring...As it begins to become more and more apparent, I would have it replaced...The final scenario is it will fail all together and leave you stranded...If I can be of further assistance please let me know...Jeffrey
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Jeffrey, thanks for the reply. What is the engine speed sensor? and what is the PCM? I already had the mass airflow sensor go out with a cost of $453.00 at the dealer and then found I could have replaced it myself in less than 15 minutes for about $80.00. I do not want to have another experience like that. What is the replacement part and where might I find it on the car? Al.
It is located on the front of the engine block -left side-one bolt holds it in place-has a 3 pin plug....You can easily change it yourself...PCM stands for Powertrain Control Module...This is the engine computer in laymans terms...jeffrey590
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Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Thanks again Jeffrey, in that it is a transverse engine would it be on the left front of the engine from the front of the car or on the left side of the engine from the front of the engine? Upper part or lower part of the engine? Do you think I will find it by looking for "engine speed sensor" on line? I think we're almost there. Al.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Jeffrey, thanks, XXXXX XXXXX could still answer my question I would appreciate it. While waiting I found more information on line and can probably go on from here, hope you didn't upset by my questions. Al.
Standing in front of vehicle-left side of block-(right side of block from front of engine)-1 bolt-lower block above oil pan-3 wire plug.If you still need me I am here...Thanks...jeffrey590
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Jeffrey, thanks for the follow up. After six weeks of the car sitting, my wife says " do you think the battery will go dead?" I said I would check it and it turned over slowly ane then started right up and the EPC light went off after about 15 seconds. I have cautiously driven it a couple of times and it is fine. I think you called it the engine speed sensor but the closest I can find to it they seem to also call it the crankshaft position sensor. These are the same thing, right? The care is an '01 Jetta with 69k on it, I'm thinking maybe to replace the timing belt kit and the engine speed sensor as soon as I can afford it. I'm hoping I should be good to go then. Thanks again for your help. Al.
They are the same thing...I am here if you need more help...Thanks...jeffrey590