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I have an 05 golf tdi pd that stalls after a rev and when idling

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I have an 05 golf tdi pd that stalls after a rev and when idling it surges between 6 and 800 rpm's. No codes, intake doesn't looked coked up. It came in with a dead in-tank pump, I replaced it with an oe pump but I suspect that it doesn't quite have enough pressure. On start-up it cracks off right away but only seems to hit on one or two cyl's for about three sec's and then springs to life. There is a flap of some sort in the intake and I'm not sure what it does, I have very little info on PD's and even less drive-a-bility experience with these new PD's. It's a ball of gut's down the road but it will randomly stall when you push in the clutch or I can make it stall every time by rapping the pedal and it won't catch itself most of the time and stall. I do have a VAG but I'm not sure where to look and what I should expect to see or not see ? Dan McCarthy, Petoskey Mi.
Hey Dan I will assume you replaced the fuel filter on this car when you did the pump if not then do it. The flap you see is the smooth shut down flap it closes when you shut the key off to kill compression for a smooth shut down without the diesel quiver. Fuel Quality would be one of the first things I would reseach. Make sure you dont have a funny blend. If they have gas in the fuel they start worse the warmer they get and they will dye randomly. I have had this happen directly to me-they run great and then dye - restart and run hard and dye. If they have enough gas in the fuel they eventually wont restart until cooled off. That can cause the idle issue also but I would raise the car and inspect the bellhousing for a gray glue like substance coming out of the flywheel area. They have a dual mass flywheel that fails and will come apart. They loose the smooth idle and when you start off in 1st gear from a stop you feel the power pulses through the car - which you should not feel (i do this check with the engine at idle). Hope this helps.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I wondered about the fuel issue, cust said this started occuring suddenly about 175 mi. into a fill-up, it appear's and smells like good premium diesel. I did put on a new filter. I've also had dual mass fly wheels go bad but they are usually noisy, at least on gas jobs, never had one go out on a diesel in fact I've never had to put a clutch in a tdi. One more note, It is nice and smooth on take of but it will stall if you are not careful, my experience is that those tdi's you can let the clutch out rather fast at an idle and they won't stall. Can we talk by phone ?
No the rules here are no contact outside the screens. You wont hear the dual mass noise over the engine noise. I know about the fuel smell -- they always smell like good diesel to me to but after working on them all day everything smells like good diesel. The PD will stall if lugged which is unlike the TDI. It has to see above something like 350 rpm or it shuts off. You can also look at the high psi fuel pump located on the rear of the valve cover (looks like a vac pump) and see if it has an external fuel leak? Then check the oil level and see where it is (overfull will indicate the high psi pump is leaking into the crankcase - rare but does happen) Oil quality is an issue -- these cars require the "special" oil and have wiped out camshafts if people dont use it. Oil spec is VW 501.01.
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