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Christopher, VW Technician
Category: VW
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Experience:  VW Body Electrical Specialist, Expert Level Technician
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Customer Question

Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  Christopher replied 8 years ago.


You will need to get all faults read out of each control module ( engine, transmission, ABS, Airbag, Instrument cluster)

And before going any further make sure there is oil in the engine and brake fluid in the resivior.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Reply to Christopher's Post: there are no codes, there are two bulletins on instrument cluster problems one is on replacing cluster, the other is replacing cluster wiring harness fuel pump coolant tank ect. the bulletin talks about coolant seepage through harness to cluster and even fuel pump. i checked no visual problem. Also came across abs control unit as possible cause, even a recall for them starting on fire. checked recall not for this car? As to your first answer is there a control mod. just fot inst cluster and if so what is its location.
Give me your thoughts please!
Im ase cert. 25 yrs exp. but this vw got me thinkin.
Expert:  Christopher replied 8 years ago.

The control module for the instrument cluster is the instrument cluster.

Were you able to check faults in the cluster?

Coolant migration could get into the instrument cluster harness.

The ABS control module could be faulty but all of your lights flashing and cluster going crazy all seem related.

Get a Vag-Com and scan the instrument cluster for faults.

You can also check one of the main harness grounds that are located under the batter tray. make sure the nut hasnt loosened up a bit.

If you want i can run the vehicles VIN for any possible recalls, but none that are pretaining to your issue

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
The first thing i did was after checking for codes was went for those ground wires under the battery. there good i cleaned ground posts and replaced term ends.i have otc scan tool i will try to kiss some ass to get a vag com read out. this car has after mkt radio pain in ass to get data from pcm at times. also when these probs occured every thing happened at once, driving down the road and bang. any way
Expert:  Christopher replied 8 years ago.

Well honestly either your cluster is faulty or you have an ABS issue an Oil pressure issue and a tach issue, but you will have to elminate something.

To communicate with the ECM and the rest of the modules i would suggest removing the radio and clipping the K wire to allow communication to the modules. it should be a black wire with a grey stripe, if you provide me with the VIN i can make sure this is the correct wire for your car.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
my local vw dealer vas5051b
vehicle system:
03 brake electronics
abs front mk 60
coding 4097
dealer ship #00066

software part #:       1c090737c
system description:    abs front mk 60
SW version:            0103
hardware part #        ----------
Hw version:            --------
coding:               4907
repair shop code:      00000 000 00066

004.01-check event memory
function successfully performed
0 trouble code detected?

vehicle system:
02-gear box electronics
ag4 getriebe 01m 4833
coding 0
dealership # XXXXX

software part #:      01m927733jf
system description:   ag4 getriebe 01m 4833
coding:               0
repair shop code:     ????? ??? 00000

004.01-check event memory
6 trouble code detected?
00777    027
accelerator position sender-G79
impausible signal

00660    027
kickdown switch/throttle valve potentiometer
impausible signal

00529   035
no speed info

00545   031
engine/gearbox electrical conn open/short circuit to ground

01314   049engine control module no communication

vehicle system:
01-engine electrics
2.01 [email protected]   G*3657
coding 3
dealership # 00066

004.01 check event memory

6 trouble codes
18044   p1636   035
data bus drive train missing message from airbag control

18034   p1626   035data bus drive train missing message from transm. contr.

18057   p1649   035 missing message from break ECU

18058   p1650   035 missing message from instrument panel ECU

16497   p0113   035
IAT sensor-H42 signal too high sporadic

16486   p0102   035
mass air flow sensor-G70-signal too low sporadic

01312       049
drive train data bus no communication

that was the most typing i did since high school i need a scanner

well there it is the lead tech at the vw dealer looked at the print out, looked at me,shook his head. please give me your thoughts
Expert:  Christopher replied 8 years ago.

Ok. Sorry for the lack in response. Ive been having Internet issue's.

The ECM faults appear to be either a broken wire from the cluster to the ECM or the cluster is bad. Also, your MAF sensor looks faulty.

The Transmission control module doesnt look like it has any coding. Any recent transmission or TCM work done? Do you have access to a scan tool to talk to these control modules or did you just go to the dealer to get the faults read out?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
It's me again. I got a used inst. cluster the dealer made me wait a week and a half before they would try to install it. The new cluster does not communicate with the vas nor does the old one. As you had said bofore, could we have a broken serial data line between cluster and ecm. If so which ports should i probe for a broken wire.
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
my vw dealer told me that a pre programed inst. cluster can not be reprogramed. true or false     
please get on board and let me know
thank you
Expert:  Christopher replied 8 years ago.

Hmm, well i think you can only input the mileage in a cluster once. However im uncertain if the VIN number is XXXXX into the cluster or if it just read out via the ECM (when they are communicating with each other). Ive never attempted to install a used cluster so im not sure what hoops you have to jump through to get it to work.

Im not sure what they mean by it cant be programmed, it may not read the correct mileage but the rest of the inputs should be able to be installed.

Where are you located?

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I,m located lebanon,Lebanon county Penna
My name todd my phone(NNN) NNN-NNNNI agree the vw guy i bought the used cluster from said the mileage can be changed up wards in mileage but not down which made sense. he didnt say the cluster could not be programmed at all but he was also selling a used cluster as is. VW quoted me 725.00 for new cluster but still wont guarantee fix. My customer will pay to fix but not for uneducated guess. Why cant they check comms between comp and cluster. that is what my next trick is. to find wiring diag between cluster and ecm.
Expert:  Christopher replied 8 years ago.

Ok, well thats the only other thing you can check (wiring). I will provide you with the desired diagrams.



Looks like there is a connector in between the cluster and ECM under the plastic cowl under the windshield.


Customer: replied 8 years ago.
i down loaded pictures hard to read printed them out even harder to read and im not familiar with vw scematics this is going to suck oh well it is what it is. this ca r has sucked since day one
the a121 a122 and a13 are those the connectors you were talking about under cowl?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.
I put together my mitchell diag. with your vw diag. and i have a clear picture now. now the only problem is if i dont find something wrong with the wiring tomorrow. thanks for the diagrams i do appreciate i,m gonna have to up your wage.
Expert:  Christopher replied 8 years ago.

Well now that you have the wiring you need im going to ask you a few questions.

With the Oil light on and flashing, have you verfied there is the correct amount of oil in the engine and that the oil pressure is ok?

With the ABS light on and the brake light flashing, when the dealer read out the faults what were the faults stored in the ABS module?

The no tachometer issue, you can verify the gear in the transmission is not busted by removing the sensor from the transmission and spun with an electric drill with the key on and the tach should respond.

If all these bases are covered id say your cluster is your main concern, and with possibly all the wiring checking out, i would say this is your issue, replacing the cluster with a brand new one would be the only route i would take.

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
Christopher my vw guru! I went to work today ready to kick the jetta's ass but once again it kicked mine I checked every data wire between cluster and ecm and from cluster to abs and trans module and ecm to trans module abs ect.they were all good. no probs with wiring. To respond to your questions yes on the oil press we are good there. the abs module we have code p1649 missing message from abs controller
Expert:  Christopher replied 8 years ago.

Hmm i would say the instrument cluster is bad if all the wiring checks out.

Dont feel bad, early a4 chasis jetta's,golf's, beetle with electrical issue's have kicked even seasoned VW tech's ass.

Well the fact that you can communicate to the ABS module is a good sign, normally when the lights of death come on (ABS light on and brake light flashing) normally means the ABS module has kicked the bucket. If you can clear the ABS fault and see if it is stays erased would be a good reason to suspect the cluster.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
should i have continuity between org/blk wire and org/brown wire from ecu to obd2 connector?
Expert:  Christopher replied 8 years ago.

Are they very thin wires?

If im thinking the same thing you are, than no. Those would be can-bus wires.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.
replaced the cluster with new one from vw lights did not go off but tach did not work on the new dash so they took back there dash and i told them to keep it cause apparently it was not the dash. I told vw to spend an hour to try to figure out problem. they told me it is the air bag module what you think about that, but they still won't guarantee the lights will stay off what the hell does the brake oil lighht have to do with airbag

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