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2001 VW Passat Transmission Problems

Resolved Question:

My car initially had a problem with the park/neutral switch. It would mysteriously not go into reverse. The problem got progressively worse. For a while it would be hit or miss whether it would shift into drive in the indicator on the dash. After a while, is just seemed to be be stuck in 3rd? gear. I know it is not stuck in first, I can get rolling but I am stuck at about 3,500 rpms at 55-60 mph. I took it to VW and spent $1,100 to replace "multi-function" switch. After this repair, they claimed they found a fault for my "range sensor" and "shift lock selenoid" had corroaded connectors. What is the cost of pursuing these repairs -- is it worth is it?

My car, although in very good condition overall, has 130K miles on it.
I am not convinced I should spend the money to repair

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Submitted: 9 years ago.
Category: VW
Expert:  David replied 9 years ago.

WOW $1,100.00 to replace the mulitfunction switch is a little out there. The labor to replace the switch is only around 3.5 to 4 hours. Plus the cost of the switch, that some how does not add up, sounds like you got a little taken. Sorry. Now to proceed

Now to really be helpful, I would like to see what faults they got, I would suggest that you contact the dealer and ask for a copy of the printout of faults. Range sensor does not make sense, but may be something else which if I am correct would mean the trans is done. If possible please post the faults so that we can go further.

Thank you

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