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Volvo V50 I: volvo V50 has just started making a droning,

This answer was rated: volvo V50 has just started making a droning, almost like a hoover sound which is worse when I put my foot on the the car safe to drive until I get it to a garage in a couple of days time?

Enes : Hello and welcome to my name isXXXXX a Certified Volvo Car Expert Mechanic.I'm going to try to help you find the help you need .can you record me video sounds ?
Enes : It can be your alternator going bad bearing inside fails
Enes : you can drive but not for to long
Enes : Or one of the belt pulleys has worn out bearing you can drive for short time yes

Hi..thankyou but I can certainly record the noise but afraid I dont know how to send it to you. The noise is definately a loud droning sound which also seems affected by turning corners but that maybe because I am using the accelorater whilst turning the corner...sorry not I'm not being very descriptive...I need to drive 15 miles tonight then back again tomorrow. the car is already booked into get its service and MOT on tuesday can I leave it till then but still be able to do these journey's?

Enes : Use
Enes : there your can upload file and send me web link it gives you maybe video audio
Enes : or install app mediafire on iphone

Installing mediafire on iphone just now


Hi...not having much luck today. The app is not installing having tried for the last 20mins. I have decided not to use the car and to try and get it to a garage inthe morning....I will mention the possible causes you there anything else you think it might be before I leave you?

Enes : i think that that is all I can think off
Enes : you can reply tomorrow also

thanks a lot for your help.

Enes : feel free to reply you get email when I update answer you don't have to wait
Enes and other Volvo Specialists are ready to help you