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2005 S40: had a water leak on the passenger side..sunroof..keys

Resolved Question:

We have a 2005 S40 and had a water leak on the passenger side. Today we removed trims and found the sunroof water line plugged at the cowl connection. During the repair we locked the keys inside and used the key blade to open the door. Afterwards, the electrical system went haywire as follows: Air bag warning, non operating windows, door and trunk lock, wipers will not turn off, when you push brake pedal there is a noise like a motor running. The engine starts but everything else seems messed up. We disconnected the battery and something must be on due to sparks at the battery.

Please offer your thoughts,
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  volvoexpert1 replied 5 years ago.

volvoexpert1 : Under the dash on the passenger side there is a textile cover over the bottom of the CEM, or central electronic module . Behin the cover are 3 cam lock plastic lever operated electrical connectors. They need to be latched fully to make contact. Is it possible that one of these got flipped back out of position? This would cause the wipers to fun continually and other problems.
volvoexpert1 : It is normal to get a fair sized arc when connecting the battery cable on this car due to all the control modules that are drawing for a few minutes before dropping into sleep mode.




We disconnected and reconnected the 3 connectors but the problem remains the same. What is your next idea?

volvoexpert1 : This should not have happened just from unlocking the car with the metal key. The wipers not stopping and the airbag service message indicate a problem in the network communication amongs the computers. Try a battery reset: Disconnect both cabled and connect them together for 10 minutes. If this doesn't work you are going to have to get the network codes scanned and diagnosed by someone with a Volvo scanner... A large independent Volvo specialist or the dealer.

Enes Thanks for trying i did not work. We will take it to the dealer.

volvoexpert1 : That is the best way at this point. Good luck. By the way my name is XXXXX XXXXX my name is XXXXX XXXXX I go by Volvoexpert1 on the site. Take care and good luck!
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