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2002 volvo s80 t6: tensioner..timing belt broke off block, someone

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2002 Volvgo s80 t6 tensioner for timing belt broke off block, someone rigged it by installing a heilcoil and a spacer where the nipple used to be this works but isnt right would u trust?
Hello again, Where exactly is this spacer? What nipple are you referring to?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

the spacer is behind the timing belt tensioner and i guess there was nipple that was there to take place of the now spacer? or is ther a spacer supposed to be there?



There isn't really a nipple and its hard to tell without seeing it. I suspect the block broke in such a way that installing just a helicoil would result in the tensioner being misaligned and the spacer is there to bring it back out.


When installed properly, helicoils are very strong and can be trusted to hold. However, as you are aware, this is a very critical area and failure will do some damage to the valves. It is certainly cheaper than the alternative, which would be to replace the block or entire engine.


Out of curiosity, how did the tensioner snap off? Did it do this when driving or was a shop replacing it and over tightened it? I've never seen one just snap off at the block.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

the timing belt snapped and grabbed the tensioner and pulled it out of the block the heilcoil holds almost all the thread of the tensioner bolt bout like the last 2 threads, then its like a 3/8" spacer between the block and tensioner to give it correct alignment


Wow, thats a crazy one.


If the helicoil is properly installed and the tensioner is correctly aligned, this sounds like it should work. Of course, its hard to say with 100% certainty because I cannot see the repair.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Yea the car actually came all the way from pa like this i picked the car up with 93k miles owned by a 75 year old man for $1,000 and he said it needed and engine cause it was an interference motor and doesnt make noise but he thinks its trashed
Well it is an interference motor, so if the belt broke, there is a good chance of valve damage. However, I have seen people get lucky and have the belt brake at idle and not cause damage
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
k well for the amount i got it for i was gonna do a compression test and if needed pull the head and do whats needs still should come out less than the value of the car, i think the tensioner will hold up fine for now till funds allow for a newer engine from a pullout
That sounds like a good plan, it might start right up after putting the belt back on. Before you start it, I would turn the engine over by hand two full revolutions so make sure nothing is hitting. There is a chance a valve could have hit so hard it broke off, and cranking it will cause more damage to the engine when you may be able to get away with just the valves.
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