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Volvo: the warning sign showed transmission service required

Resolved Question:

the warning sign showed "transmission service required". I took it to my volvo mechanic . He checked it and the trsansmission was working ok. He removed the sign and I left. After a while the same sign showed up again. I took it back, he shecked it again and removed it. I set for a trip. After about 100 kilometres it showed "transmission service urgent", but I realised no problem. Anyway I parked it. My mechanic said that there may be some fault with the "transmission decoupling" and the remedy would be to change the whole transmission set and gave me an estimated cost of three thousand euros, because, he said, the volvo company does not sell spare parts for the transmission. May I have the advice of one of your experts please?
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Volvo
Expert:  Jim B replied 8 years ago.
Customer Concern:Message in dash "transmission service required". The transmission is in limp mode. Gear ratio codes for gears 3 and 4 and S2 solenoid are stored.
Tests/Procedures:1. Clear codes from the Transmission Control Module (TCM).

2. With fluid hot, check transmission fluid for quality and level.

3. Test drive the vehicle. Accelerate from 20-60 MPH when in geartronic mode, gear 4. While doing this, watch input and output speed sensors with a scan tool.

4. If the code returns, the transmission is slipping, and the input and output speed sensors are updating, the problem is internal to the transmission.

5. If transmission is replaced, test ATF for coolant contamination per TNN 43-48. Replace radiator if necessary.
Potential Causes:Transmission Mechanical Problem
Tech Tips:TCM-002B 4th gear. Incorrect gear ratio. This code sets when the actual gear ratio deviates by more than 10% of what is programmed into the TCM. TCM-002A 3rd gear. Incorrect gear ratio P0756 - TCM-000C - Shift solenoid S2, hydraulic malfunction If the transmission is replaced, be sure the mating surfaces between the engine and transmission are bare metal and clean. If not, the engine may not start after assembly.
Diagnostic Codes:000C, 002A, 002B, P0733, P0734, P0756
This is Jim, I found this in my data base. Sounds like he is on the right track, sorry for your problem. Here is Tech findings and in this case the transmisson was replaced.
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