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My Sony Bloggie does not seem to take a charge. When I plug

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My Sony Bloggie does not seem to take a charge. When I plug it into the computer, the green light comes on for a short time, but then it goes out again. When I try to see how much charge I have, I get three bars on the icon.

I have to video a 30 minute event tomorrow night, and I have to know this is fully charged. The manual says I can record only 29 minutes of video even if I have a full charge so I can't goof up here. I do have a 16 gig memory card in the device so you would think I could video more than 29 minutes, but I'm not sure about that. Even if the memory card allows me more time, I still won't get anything if the device is not fully charged.

I haven't used the device in months so I don't see how I could have much charge at all. How can I double check that?

I have taken this to the dealer, but when he checked it, the green light came on so he said it was charging. We didn't keep it on in the store. When I got it home, the light again came on, but it won't stay on.

So then I tried to check how much charge I have, but the icon goes out when I begin to record something. It shows I have three bars of charge, but that doesn't seem possible. I don't know how to double check that.

Last night I also took the battery pack out and put it back in, trying to see if it was faulty. I'm telling you everything I have tried so far because I know that is the next question.



The notion about filming 29 minutes is sufficient benchmark. You should turn your camera on right now - and roll for 30 minutes to see if it is possible. You can delete your file when your done - or better yet just reformat the memory stick when your done. Then you should charge your camera and roll again. You should repeat the cycle several times so you know exactly how much time you have - what your comfortable with and also to get to know the power meter.


I think you have the right idea. If your equipment is faulty then you can either return it, or get it serviced.


Can you tell me if any of this makes sense?


I hope you will write back and we can talk more about this issue. Honestly though, my prediction is that you need to use the camera and determine if you will have enough power and how long it takes to charge. If you are concerned about the size of the Memory card, that is the end surplus to your question. You just need to know how much space a 30 minutes of video is going to take up on the memory card. I would imagine that 16GB should be sufficient.


So let me ask you to return some information back to me.


Charge your camera for 2 hours. Look at the charge meter(*1). Shoot your camera for 30 minutes and plug it back in for 2 hours. Then roll your camera for another 30 minutes. Where is the charge meter(*2).


Now plug the camera in for 2 hours and check the charge meter(*3).


Does *1 = *2 = *3 on the power meter ?


If so you can conclude that 2 hours should be a sufficient amount of time to recharge the camera to run it for 30 minutes.


The way I see it - you still have plenty of time to validate your concerns before tommorrow night.


You can write me back and tell me if we were succesful and we can conclude the answer. I would expect to hear back in about 7 hours right? It would be great if you could drop me a note before you begin.


If I missed anything please let me know?


Thank you. I value your business.


Mike S.



I just wanted to add one other item to the list.


Your camera is capable of shooting HD video or Low Res 4:3 30fps. Start with the High Resolution best picture option Full HD. If you find that you exceed the capacity of the memory stick in the next 30 minutes - then you will have to lower your quality.


Thanks again. Please let me know if you are ok with these requests.


Mike S.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Sorry for the late response. I had to go to bed after writing that note last night. These are good answers, and I have the camera filming now. But I need more information.

I knew I had the capability to try these things, but I guess I was afraid of what I would find out. For one thing, I don't have enough information about this device. I don't know if that icon showing available charge is the only way to verify the charge.

Secondly, I don't know if the recording time can be increased if you have a large memory card installed. Does the 16 gigs of memory allow me to film longer than 29 minutes? Or is that totally unrelated to the time available?

Thirdly, the "manual" for the device is woefully inadequate. I have no idea how to reset the resolution or if resetting it would give me more recording time. I tried playing with the menu, and the symbols have no meaning for me.

I tried to download a more detailed manual, and all I got was a repeat of the user's guide/manual that came with the camera. It is a very brief guide to the parts of the device and minimal information about beginning to use it. Where can I find a guide to reading all these symbols?

Thank you. Joyce

Hello Joyce,


All your information for the camera can be found at the SONY website, for reference, but I assume you have already read most of it.


I did some more reading and found the following:



What this means to me when I read it, specifically, is that your camera takes 5 hours to charge - but you get the 30frame progressive resolution which is a nice quality and will record for over 1.5 hours on a full charge. This will leave you with a video of less than 4GB which can be stored on the memory card, and you can shoot another, and another, and half of the next - with a 16GB media card. That means that it is really using some good compression to keep your video files of decent *(read as small) size.


The light goes off - when the battery is at full charge.


Running these simple tests should have already giving you some level of confidence and unless you say otherwise - I think you will be good to go for 30 minutes.


If I missed anything in your answer please let me know. I am here to give only value-added service, and do not wish to acquire negative feedback ratings. If you agree then please press the ACCEPT button. Otherwise please work directly with me until you are satisfied.


Thank you. I value your business.
Mike S.




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