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Hi, I have a cat with some type of what appears to be a skin

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Hi, I have a cat with some type of what appears to be a skin infection around both ears. He has a muddy coloured brown raised crust dotted around the bottom of the outside of his ears just where the ear joins the top of his head. He is eating, cleaning and acting normal and doesn´t seem to be in any discomfort but I am worried that the infection could spread to my other cats. Any help is much appreciated. I have also another question about my dog who has what appears to be a cyst growing on his stomach at the bottom of his ribcage. It started just as a soft lump but as it has grown it has become harder in places. It does not appear to be attached to his stomach and can be moved around within the skin sack it is located in. It has grown fairly fast and can be seen now when he is standing. I will pay 32 euros for answers to both of these questions. Thanks

Rebecca :


Rebecca :

I am sorry to hear you have worries about Frankie and your dog.

Rebecca :

My name is Rebecca. I am a veterinarian, and will do my best to help.

Rebecca :

Does Frankie scratch at his ears at all? Often when there is a crusty lesion at the base of the ear, on the outside, it is from him scratching with his hind feet. Usually if you look deep inside the ear (you need an otoscope to see all the way to the ear drum) you find the problem is actually inside his ear.

Rebecca :

You could apply an ointment containing 1% hydrocortisone to the crusts. The ointment will both soften and loosen the crusts, as well as treat the inflammation.

Rebecca :

If you rub the base of the ear, does that make him want to scratch at the ear? If so, I would look for a problem inside the ears, like ear mites, infection, or something else inside the ear like a tick or plant material.

Rebecca :

The cyst on your dog could be a benign fatty tumor, called a lipoma, or it could be a more serious type of grown like a mast cell tumor.

Rebecca :

The only way to know would be FNA, or "fine needle aspirate", where cells are extracted by a needle, and examined microscopically.

Rebecca :

If this is growing, and getting harder, I would have it checked as soon as you can. If it turns out to be a tumor, it needs to be removed, and best to remove it before it gets big.

Rebecca :

I am not seeing responses from you. I hope you can see what I am writing!

Rebecca :

I will try to connect another way, if I do not hear from you soon.

I hope you can see what I am writing now.

Please let me know what else I can answer or help you with.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Dear XXXXX, sorry I've been away from the computer and have just seen answer. Frankie doesn't seem bothered by the scabs but to me they seem to be more like erupting scabs pushing upwards than as a result of scratching. I will try the cream and see. Is there any other anti infection cream you could recommend? With regards XXXXX XXXXX problemvis that he is a big dog, half alsation and half doberman and he has a terrible fear of vets. He is almost impossible to control when a vet goes near him and usually manages to get out of the muzzle. We are living in France just now so language barriers also complicate matters. Are there any pills that we could give him to make him sleepy before visiting the vet?


Thanks, Ralph

The location of the scabs makes me suspicious of an ear problem, so they should be checked. You can apply a topical triple antibiotic ointment as well as the hydrocortisone and see if that helps.

It is hard to sedate a dog for going to the vet. You give them valium or acepromazine, or herbal things like melatonin or tryptophan, and they may look drowsy at home, but the stimulus of being at the vet usually overcomes the sedation. A veterinarian who has not yet seen Barney probably won't dispense drugs like valium or acepromazine before seeing him anyway.

I deal with dogs that hate the vet all the time. The best thing to is get him there, and if necessary, let them sedate him with an injection once he is there. But this growth needs to be checked before it gets much larger.

Can you take someone bilingual to the vet with you?

Please let me know what else I can answer or help with.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Rebecca, thanks for the advice. Can you suggest a name for the triple antibiotic cream please. Also, Barney has MG and has been taking mestinon 60mg x 2 tablets per day for 4 years now. Could the lump be any side effect of the medication or disease? If I pay you now,can I still ask you further questions in relation to these problems?.


Thanks Ralph


I do not know what is available in France! Here it would be something like "Neosporin" or "Triple Antibiotic".

It is unlikely a growth like you describe would be caused by medication. I just checked a drug formulary and that is not listed as a side effect of this drug. I would not expect myesthenia gravis to cause lumps to form, either.

Yes, if you give my answer a good rating now, you can still ask more questions.

Rebecca and other Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you
Thank you for the great rating!

How are Frankie and Barney doing?


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