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My dog is 13.5 years. She has hepatitus and has been

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My dog is 13.5 years. She has chronic hepatitus and has been on denosil for a years or two. She is also on tramadol and gabapentin for arthritis. Over the last few days she has stopped eating, vomits most stuff she does swallow, drinks a lot of water. Went to vet. At first thought it was GI. Treated for that - no relief. Then she had a liver ultrasound - no chances since last time - a bit pink so they've put her on long term low-grade antibiotics. They did bloods - nothing showed up. That was yesterday. Still not eating / vomiting / drinking a lot. Ideas??
Hi there,

Thank you for your question. My name isXXXXX and I am happy to be able to help you today. Before I put an answer together for you, I am going to need a little more info:

- Have you changed Naughty's food at all in the last couple of weeks?
- Did your Vets run a blood test to rule out pancreatitis?
- What you are trying to tempt her with (food wise) right now? Is she typically on a liver diet?

Once you get back to me, I will start typing up my response. Thanks for this and I look forward to hearing from you shortly.

Dr E
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

No change in food. Yes, ruled out pancreatitis. She's on a low fat diet typically - trying to tempt her with low fat canned dog food, chicken breast, chicken flavoured rice, oatmeal, ham, yoghurt (coz she loves it), chococlate protein cookies (coz she loves them), bread.... basically everything we can find.


Hi again Sally,

Thanks for your prompt reply regarding Naughty. It sounds like you are doing an excellent job to try and tempt your girl.

It is a bit of a worry that she is still off food and vomiting. It is on the other hand great to hear that there wasn't anything new found on the blood test or abdominal ultrasound. This could indeed just be a GI upset, however given her history - your Vets are going to have to take special care of her. It may be worth doing a few more investigative tests here, and in particular a bile acid stimulation test may be another good indicator of her current liver function. This won't have been done yesterday, but is something your Vets could do early next week if these symptoms don't improve.

Right now, the main concern is keeping Naughty's hydration status up. It sounds like she is drinking a little more than usual, which may be another symptom - however this may also be as a result of the vomiting. If she can't keep water down, then she would be better off to stay in the Vet hospital on fluids over the weekend. Here they could also give her some anti-emetic injections to help stop the vomiting, as well as gastroprotectants. The cover with antibiotics is a wise idea in this case as well - so continue with these as prescribed. The worry is she may nto actually be able to keep them down, so again, perhaps injections would be a better option for her until her vomiting is under control.

It certainly sounds like you have tried all sorts of food for your girl, and sticking with low fat options really is a good idea. It may be however, that your Vet needs to tempt her with something slightly higher in fat to either get her interested, or to provide sufficient calories for her. If she continues to turn her nose up at all food today, then your Vet may need to place a feeding tube tomorrow as adequate nutrition is particularly important in her case. You have tried most of the 'tricks in the book' as far as tempting her from home goes. You could try some fresh cooked, boneless white fish if she will go for that? If she is continuing to look nauseous, turn her nose up at food and vomit, then you will find it difficult (maybe impossible) to eat anything. This is why keeping her at the Vet hospital where the Vet nurses can hand or syringe feed her and supply medications to make her feel less nauseous, may be the best idea.

Given her symptoms and lack of any further findings on diagnostics so far, it would be fair for your Vets to treat this as GI upset at this stage. If symptoms don't improve with symptomatic care in the Vet hospital however, they will need to pursue further diagnostics.

I hope all of the above makes sense? Please let me know if you have any other questions. My goal is to provide you with excellent service – if you feel you have gotten anything less, please reply back. I am happy to address follow-up questions.

Best of luck with Naughty and please let me know how you get on.

Kind Regards,

Dr Edwards

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