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hi! My 18 year old cat had his right front paw amputated on

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My 18 year old cat had his right front paw amputated on Monday. They couldn't do the carpal pad transposition because the pad might have been cancerous, but the surgeon feels he got great margins. He is healing well. He was basically 3 legged for 1 1/2 years before the surgery (our vet was trying a variety of measures to help him as the whole issue started as a painful knuckle in his 4th toe). He would use the leg for balance, but not put weight on it (just brushed the ground occasionally). The surgeon put a tiny bit of padding on the stump of the paw. I am concerned that it needs more protection. Are you aware of any type of bootie designed to help with this?
Thank you so much.
I am terribly sorry to hear about your cats condition. What is his name? No one wants to see their beloved pets suffer. Especially having to decide whether it is time to amputate a limb or paw is frustrating. Once the healing takes place and pain goes away you can certainly use prosthesis for support and comfort. I know a lot of pets living with prosthetic arms, legs and they are all happy and comfortable. I am sure he will be happy to wear one and be able to use that particular leg. Here is a link for prosthetics company . If you have trouble seeing the page you can call them at(NNN) NNN-NNNN I wish him good luck and I am hopeful that he will be happy going forward. Let me know what happens, and feel free to leave me an update.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Thank you for your compassionate was a very hard decision to make. His name is XXXXX XXXXX is the most sweet and loving kitten. The toe was removed a year ago in hopes that he would walk again. It turned out to have a trace of spindle cells. He never really did walk on the foot again. Two months ago he began to use the limb and paw much more and suddenly developed a small hard lump[at the operation site. We hoped it might be a cyst from tendon fluids but it grew and started to ulcerate. So, when the surgeon and our vet of 12 years felt he was too healthy to just let it continue, we had the amputation.

Thank you for the link--all the photos appear to be of dogs, I hope you have heard of cats responding to prosthetics well?

Yes I indeed have heard about cats wearing prosthetics. I had one patient who did well with it. I know cats are very independant and have minds of their own. I would say 40 to 45 % of cats do well with prosthetics. It sound a low amount but I think trying to see if Solomon can deal with this is worth it. If he leaves it alone and enjoys it then you have a happy cat. The customer service friendly at that company. You can call and talk to them. They will want to see a picture of the leg to determine the right prosthetic and they can also share their experience with cats. I hope this was helpful Smile
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