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Rebecca, Veterinarian
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I live in rural upstate NY and have 2 female peacocks ( I think

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I live in rural upstate NY and have 2 female peacocks ( I think Indian variety) that arrived in my yard last week. They seem to be doing well, but I have 2 concerns. Will they migrate or will they stay around during the winter, and if they stay, how well will they likely do in the cold and snow?
Second, is there any way to relocate them or get help for them if they need to survive. They seems to be content. We think they are wonderful but would rather not have them around due to the messy poop everywhere. We want to assure that they are in an environment that is good for them.


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Hello JACustomer!

Interesting problem; these birds just showed up?

My name is Rebecca. I am a veterinarian, and will do my best to help.

If these birds are females ( no fancy tail) then they are peahens. Peacocks are males, and peafowl are a group of both sexes.

They do not migrate, and if they like it, they will probably stay at your place. They can survive the winter, but will need some sort of housing when it starts to get cold, and they will not be able to find food easily in winter, so you will have to get some chicken scratch for them in winter. They may be at risk from predators (unleashed dogs, coyotes) so a coop or house for them at night would be a good idea. If you build them a house, and get them to go in at night for food, they will get in the habit of using it.

If you do not want to keep them ( and yes, they are very messy and noisy) then you could contact your local animal shelter. I work at a shelter and two peacocks came in just a few weeks ago. The owner came for them, but there is a place near here that takes in lost peafowl and keeps them. So if you ask around, they may have an owner that is looking for them, or there may be a farm that wants them if you do not.

Please let me know if I can answer anything else.


Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes, these are peahens. I agree that they are at risk for predators as there is a fox that has chased them. Fortunately they were in the open and had the advantage. They roost in a tree at present, but, I suspected that they would need help if they are still around in the winter. We would rather see them go to someplace that would care for them. We will probably only live here another couple of years and I would hate to have them dependent on me. I will contact the SPCA. I don't know of any other place. My further suspicion is that another owner tried to relocate them unsuccessfully and dropped them off near my house.

Someone dropping them off is certainly a possibility. It seems unlikely that they would just up and move away from their previous home, unless they were abandoned.

I was surprised to see peacocks at the shelter, but those who have worked there longer had seen it before. They were gone in a few hours. So if someone is looking for these birds, the local shelter might be where they would start.

I hope you find a permanent home for them, and enjoy them while you have them. Please let me know if I can answer or help with anything else.

Rebecca, Veterinarian
Category: Veterinary
Satisfied Customers: 14374
Experience: I have more than 30 years of veterinary practice experience.
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How are the birds doing? Did you keep them?