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my dog has recently tucked its tail between her legs until

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my dog has recently tucked its tail between her legs until the tip touches her stomach and won't straighten it out...even when urinating. At the same time this happened, she stopped jumping up on furniture....would yelp if she tried. The pain in jumping has seemed to pass, and she can now jump up, but she is still cautious. Tail is extremely raw from urinating on it and then cleaning it. I don't see any stiffness or limping when walking or running. She is 10 year old..mixed medium size dog.

There are many different things that could be causing the signs you are describing. However, the first thing I think of would be disk disease. The first sign we see with a disk problem is pain, and it can progress into weakness and a drunken walk.


I would recommend having your little girl examined by the vet. If it seems likely that she has a disk problem in her back, you vet will likely recommend a pain reliever/antiinflammatory and an exercise restriction. These guys should be kept quiet and not allowed to run, jump, or do stairs for a few weeks at least.


I hope that helps.


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