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my dog has a large lump on his neck. It burst, lots of blood.

Customer Question

my dog has a large lump on his neck. It burst, lots of blood. Will it continue to drain, or should i squeeze it. Should I give him ibprohen?Antibiotics
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  YourPetVet replied 5 years ago.

YourPetVet :

Hello, I recommend that you have your vet take a look at the lump and the wound it caused for proper treatment. In the meantime you can apply a warm compress to the wound and cover it with Neosporin. I would not continue to squeeze it until your vet can take a look at it

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer :

Yes, I know that I should take him to a vet, that is why I paid for this service. Since its the middle of the night and all, I was hoping for specific info. Thanks for the generic info.

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer :

I just upset, but I did think this was going to a litle more productive.

<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer :
"Please click ACCEPT if you found my answers helpful. I am a licensed veterinarian but legally I cannot diagnose conditions or prescribe medications without performing a physical exam. Therefore the above is for information only." this would have been great to see before I paid my $. It's not your fault, it's the law. I am just at the end of my rope and funds.
<span class="JA_chatAuthorName"Customer :

I would like to know what could casue this. I have researched it and believe it is a hematoma caused by rough play between the daschund and basset hound. I would like to know if I can give him baby tylenol for tonight. Would the fact that no puss was present when the hematoma bust be a good thing?

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