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My dog has an open bleeding sore next to his anus. I think

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My dog has an open bleeding sore next to his anus. I think it's hemarrhoids, this is the 3rd time he's had this same sore over the past 3 yrs. It starts as a bump then pops like a big blister filled with runny feces and blood, and once it popped it got better within a day or two. But this time it's just blood and the hole where the blister popped is a lot bigger and he's dripping blood. Yesterday his stool was very runny diarrhea with strings in it like he could have worms. What could this be? Is there a home remedy I can use instead of spending a ton of money taking him to the vet?
It sounds like your boy has an anal sac abscess.
The anal sacs are scent glands that sit just inside the rectum at the 5:00 and 7:00 positions. The anal sacs should be emptied with each bowel movements, as the contractions of the colon exerts pressure on the glands and forces the material out. The secretions from the anal sacs coat the surface of the stool and leave information about the dog on the stool. This is why dogs stiff the stool of other dogs.

In some dogs, the anal sacs do not empty efficiently upon defecation. The material will build-up within the anal sac, and since it is a good medium for bacteria, this often results in infection/ abscess.

Anal sac abscesses are treated by flushing out the anal sac and infusing the anal gland with antibiotic medication. The dog is also put on an oral antibiotic to treat the infection. Therapy Laser can be used on the abscess to help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

For tonight, if he will allow it, perform some hydrotherapy with warm water. Get him in the tub, and spray the wound opening with warm water, rinsing out the infected material. Tomorrow, he will need to see your vet for treatment.
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