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Dr. Hunt
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Hello Dr. Z Shiloh was tested for Addisons but came back

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Hello Dr. Z

Shiloh was tested for Addison's but came back negative.
When Shiloh returned home on the 24th she began only eating rotessiere chicken.
She eats usually 2-4 cups of chicken for the day. My brother and I gave her the fluids every other day. Shiloh went back to vet yesterday to find her creatine levels are up to 14. She also has tiny white specks in her diarrhea so vet prescirbed 2 worm tabs.
We wil begin this evening giving her fluids everyday and vet told us to keep her happy.
Going for a second opinion hopefully today to an internal medicane vet.
Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! We do not want to loose her!
Hi, since it looks like Dr. Z isn't here to provide you with an answer, I thought I would try to offer you some assistance.

I'm glad that your dog doesn't have Addison's, as it can be a very serious disease. However, this does not answer what IS wrong with your dog. A creatinine of 14 is huge, so you have to get to the bottom of why this is happening or your dog may continue to decline. A visit to a veterinary internal medicine specialist is a VERY good idea and should be pursued on an emergency basis. If you are unable to get a quick appointment (within 12-24 hrs) with internal medicine, you can go to a big hospital that has an internal medicine doctor on staff, and just go in through the ER. They will stabilize your dog and have internal medicine evaluate as soon as possible.

A creatinine of 14 can indicate acute (sudden) kidney failure and should be addressed immediately. Sometimes this kind of kidney failure can be the result of infection (e.g. Leptospirosis) or toxins (like drinking antifreeze or ingesting medication) or obstruction (stones in the urinary tract). Honestly, I would never send a patient home with that creatinine level. They would be hospitalized on IV fluids until the numbers improved significantly and until a diagnosis was made and treatment begun. I hope that you can get your dog to a veterinary hospital rapidly. Worsening numbers do not speak well for even short-term survival, so please don't delay!

I hope that this has been helpful to you. Let me know if you have follow-up questions, and best of luck with your dog.
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