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Dr. M. Vitucci MS, DVM
Dr. M. Vitucci MS, DVM, Veterinarian
Category: Veterinary
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hello, i was wondering, my cat church has been hiding under

Resolved Question:

hello, i was wondering, my cat church has been hiding under my bed for the past two days.he never has done this before(unless we move to a new place and he is unfamiliar/upset) he seems to be fine, but i know church and he is not acting the same, low energy, not socializing.etc. i have a stray outside that he comes in contact with. this cat seems to have colds alot, i dont know what else he has, but i live in the city and there is alot of other strays around. "owl" the stray also gets into alot of fights, i just took care of an absest he had on his neck, but after a month seems to be fine, except for gooy eyes and a sneeze here and there. Church and him get along, not too much contact, but i did find church eating his food(which is outside with owl all the time). I dont know what is wrong with church, but i know something is wrong and owl might have given him something, do you think it could be serious?what do you think might be the problem? i am really worried about him, i love church more than i can describe... sorry just thought i add that in there :). thank you for your time,
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr. M. Vitucci MS, DVM replied 6 years ago.

hi there...this actually happens a lot with kitties. Several things could be going on ...


- Cats commonly will hide when there has been an environmental change. By this i guests, additions to the home (2 or 4 legged), food change, etc.

- Cats also hide because they could be sick. Being 7 years old, illnesses that come to mind are early kidney disease, infections, heart disease, among other metabolic diseases. This can only be determined by your vet by physical exam and blood work.

- You make a good observation with the outdoor cat. just the fact that there is a cat outside could also cause your cat to be nervous and scared. Since the cat on the outside has an upper respiratory infection, don't let your cat and the one outside come into contact with each other.


I hope this helps. Id go see your vet just to be sure there are no underlying problems.


M. Vitucci MS, DVM

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