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i have a diabetic cat that has been eating wellness wet food

Resolved Question:

i have a diabetic cat that has been eating wellness wet food and a little wellness dry in the evening i feed her a little food about four times a day,,,, she has had trouble with these bad scabby sores on her neck in front and some on the sides but she scratches the ones in front and makes them bleed ,, i rinse them with warm water and put polysporin on them... about two weeks ago i decided to change my 2yr old cat to the same food as she was getting too fat.......a couple days ago i noticed she has one of the neck sores soooo is it the food that is making my 11yr old cat with the neck sore problem? i am changing them to fancy feast wet ...i ordered some Instintive Choice wet food from a holistic place online but its not here yet and its no grain for my 11yr old with the diabetes. I worry all this may screw up my cats regulation (insulin) what do i vet is on vacation.. is it bad it keep using polysporin a long time i do it twice a day ...
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Denver ER Doc replied 6 years ago.
Hi there, sorry to hear that your cat is having trouble.

Diabetes can make animals prone to infection, however if your non-diabetic cat developed similar wounds when switched to the same food, I would be very suspicious that the food is involved in the problem. Discontinuing it is probably a good idea, however you will want to do this over the course of several days to a week or two in order to let your cats get used to the new food and not induce any diarrhea.

Since you are waiting for another new food to come in anyway, you might try mixing in another food in the interim to lessen the amount of the food that is causing the problem. This would be a temporary solution until the new food that you ordered arrives, and then you can slowly start switching over to that one.

As long as you are giving the insulin as directed and your cat is eating, the brief and slight change in food is not likely to cause any long term issues. Cats can slip in and out of diabetic states anyway, so you may not know whether any change in insulin or blood sugar levels are due to food or just physiology.

As for the polysporin, I would not continue to use it long-term. Topical antibiotics can actually cause resistance issues when used too often. Washing the wounds with warm soap and water should suffice, particularly if they start to clear up as the food is switched.

Hope that helps!! Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Dr. Paul
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