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My dog throw up brown very foul smelling liquid Friday. He

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My dog throw up brown very foul smelling liquid Friday. He did it agian today. He has not done this in almost 6 months right after we got him. He is three years old. Do you know why he would be throwing this up?
Hi Jason and thank you for allowing me to help!!

This brown liquid your guy is vomiting may be due to something he ate that stimulated his pancreas to release more enzymes than normal and then caused this vomit. This foul smelling liquid is a combination of the digested food and stomach acids and possibly pancreatic enzymes. Since this is only a one time thing and your guy is otherwise healthy, all you would need to do is to give him a Pepcid AC 1/4 tablet to calm down his stomach and decrease the acids in his stomach. If he continues this, it would be better to have your vet examine him to be sure there is not something that we missed.

Good Luck!!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I dont have Pepcid at this time would Pepto be ok. Also this started whenwe brought a need dog home last Friday. We are dog sitting. Do you think it could also be a mixture of nerves as well. He is also still eating and drinking and playing. So you dont think this is serious?
No, I do not think this is serious. Dachsunds are very sensitive and the stress of a new dog could certainly cause his pancreas to release extra enzymes to cause this nausea. Pepto Bismol at 1 teaspoon per 10 pounds will also help settle his stomach.

Don't worry, He will be fine!!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Thank you so much for all your help. I just have one more thing. In the throw up was his food and some pieces of treats. It also had a little bit of yellow liquid. Is this normal for this issue? Attached is what is was. I took this to show my vet if i needed to take him.


HI again, Jason. yes, this yellow liquid is bile and it is normal for this issue. Unless he becomes lethargic and anorectic, this is due to stress and his stomach will calm down in a short period and it is not serious. It may be good to not feed him this evening to allow his digestive tract to calm down from the stress.
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