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Dr Scott Nimmo
Dr Scott Nimmo, Small Animal Veterinarian.
Category: Veterinary
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is it ok to use bactroban cream on a dogs leg. hes been

Resolved Question:

is it ok to use bactroban cream on a dog's leg. he's been to his vet and on antibiotics a couple months back because he keeps licking the inside of his left leg to the point that there is an open wound. vet also pres a numbing spray. the antibiotic took the infection out but the spray doesnt work very well. wound was getting better until 2 weeks ago now he's licking like crazy again and we cant get to vet til next week. was thinking bactroban may help if ok to apply. thanks
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Veterinary
Expert:  Dr Scott Nimmo replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for the questionCustomer

In direct answer to your question : Bacteroban (mupirocin) Ointment is perfectly safe to use externally on dogs with skin conditions. If it does not do any good it will not do any harm. You could apply it twice a day for a five day period and see what happens.

Vets often find themselves in the position where a dog is making things worse due to its constant licking. Indeed the original condition may have passed but now you have a new one induced by the licking. Under these circumstances very often the best thing to do is to fit one of those cone collars. This will effectively stop the animal access to the area which it is licking and will give the lesion a chance to heal with the Bacteroban.

If I have not covered your question fully enough or you would like to ask more I will be online for the next hour or so and I will be at your disposal.

Scott Nimmo BVMS
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