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I just had a partial nephrectomy,after 3 days they remove my

Customer Question

i just had a partial nephrectomy,after 3 days they remove my folley and i cant pee and so painful so i beg them to put back to put back my folley and after a day they remove my foley again and i they ask me to pee after 2 hours but unfortunateley i cant pee again and i ve been shouting of pain and ask then to put back my foley again but while im waiting for them i sat down on the chair and when i stand up lots of blood came out of my bladder all almost cover the floor of the room.I almost past out ,until they put back my foley and felt better but they need to give me 2 bags of blood tranffusion couse my blood level went down really low.
Then in the afternoon my surgeon came and brought some foley and aspirating syrynge and he did aspirate silane solution in my bladder trying to aspirate blood clot in my bladder right there and there in my bed without anesthesia ,i was shouting in pain and i just try to bite my lips in more than an hour. Which for me its like barbaric way not even a nurse to assist him.He goes back and fort to the room to get more supplies to continue what he was doing.
So the next day they discharge me even though im still bleeding ,remove my foley . I was fine for a few days then after 5 days im bleeding again so they ask me to just stay in bed this time until my bleeding stop.They schedule me for that am for another surgery saying they need to completely clean my bladder of all blood clot and they did fulguration i dont know what part of my kidney or bladder.
They disharge me the next day and im back again in 5 days becouse im bleeding again.Another doctor saw me at 3 am and order citi scan on my heart lungs becouse im complaining of chest pain ,and found out no clot and he schedule me at 8am for another surgery to place a stent and a foley saying there is a leak on my kidney that needs to take care of.I was discharge in 2 days and ask me to come back after five days to remove my foley.
Im kind of nervous again whats next,becouse right now i still have blood in my urine and have excruciating pain when i sit down the toilet even when im about to poo.
Please help me.
Submitted: 8 months ago.
Category: Urology
Expert:  Dr. David replied 8 months ago.

This is Dr. David

it sounds like you had a lot of swelling of your prostate gland when you had your foley in place and when your prostate swells up, it can be difficult to impossible to pee without a foley

all of the in and out with the foley must have caused some trauma to your prostate or bladder neck to cause bleeding

most likely you are not bleeding from your kidney

what you need is a cystoscopy procedure under anesthesa to look into your urethra and bladder to see where the bleeding is coming from and it needs to repaired

if your prostate is too large, you may need a TURP procedure, transurethral resection of prostate tissue to cut a larger path for urine to flow out of your bladder.

medications like flowmax or hytrin can help a bit as well.

you should be on antibiotics as well like cipro to help calm down inflammation of your prostate gland.

you should be sitting on an ice bag as well to calm down inflammation of the prostate gland.

let me know if you have other questions.

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