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Dr. Tharun
Dr. Tharun, Urology Resident
Category: Urology
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Experience:  MBBS, DNB surgery and presently working as Urology resident towards the degree of Urologist.
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My uro told me today that if my UTI (male 56 no prostate probs

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My uro told me today that if my UTI (male 56 no prostate probs on exam) or weak (but improving) stream returns within a year to call him asap and he would do a "scope"

My understanding was that would be for a stricture and that like a colons-copy, they look and fix at the same time and that I would be asleep during the procedure.

My question is this

How long would such a procedure take, and how soon would I be able to return to work
after. That day? Next day?

Its def outpatient at the surgery center of this huge uro group

So could I drive home or would I be sedated and need a driver..and again how long would I be sidelined?

He said peeing would hurt after. Would they give meds for this and how long would THAT last?

It is not that simple as you think.

If he is suspecting a stricture then it is better to do under anesthesia, where he can correct the defect at the same time.
If he is not sure about the stricture then cystoscopy can be done as a office procedure and you can go back home the same day.But then if unfortunately a stricture is found cystoscopy has to be done later under anesthesia to correct it.

Another option is to do a RGU - a Dye test with X ray which will detect if you have a stricture or not.
Depending upon the RGU report cystoscopy can be planned.

If they correct the stricture during the cystoscopy, then the tube will be inside for 48 hours and you can on second day after the procedure.You may not want to drive after the procedure as you will be weak after the surgery.

Passing urine will be painful for couple of days and then it will be normal.Painkillers will be given for the pain.
You can resume your duties once you leave hospital.You should avoid heavy work for a week or so.

I hope this answers your doubts.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

1 If it is a stricture, could it be so minimal that I never get another UTI and therefore never need surgery?


2 Are there other causes for a UTI in a male?


3 The weak stream (now gone) could that have been just from the UTII itself

and I might NOT have a stricture?


4 Does the fact that stream is better now (2 weeks later) tell you anything about whether this is a stricture or not (weak stream and uti were also

sudden onset)


These are 4 separate questions

HI Fred,

If it is a minimal stricture then there will no symptoms. So no UTI.

Yes there are other causes like prostate enlargement, stones, uncontrolled diabetes etc.

Yes UTI can cause weak stream as toxins can decrease the bladder contractility.

Yes, Symptoms are improving with resolution of the infection. Hence in most probability the infection was the cause of the symptoms and stricture may not be the cause.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

could stress or dehydration caused it?


no diabetes

no stones

no prostate issues



So theres a good chance I may not have problems in the future?


Dehydration can cause it.Stress less likely.

Yes , there is good chance of less problems in future.

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