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How would a cystoscope of the bladder indicate some sort of

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How would a cystoscope of the bladder indicate some sort of condition in the testicles? I am being tested for prostate cancer, and did a semen culture with 'abnormal cell' results so the doc wants to do a cystocsope. I have had one before so I know the procedure, but it's odd that he reaches his conclusion in advance of a CT scan set for today and before the course of cipro. I get the cystosope would reveal bladder cancer, but don't understand the correlation with testicular cancer....

Do you have any bladder symptoms like urgency and frequency?

Do you have blood in the urine ?

Do you smoke ?

Did your doctor tell you the reason for doing the cystoscope?

What type of testicular cancer you have and what was the treatment given or being planned?

Please let me know

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

We just started course of flomax (generic), weak stream, inability to empty the bladder completely. The cystoscope done earlier was for microscopic blood in urine--no cancer observed....non smoker. Recent urinalysis shows microscopic blood again--I could understand if that's the reason for the cystoscope but his medical assistant (I haven't seen the doc again yet...the ct scan is this afternoon) says he wants to do the cystoscope as a result of the semen culture, perhaps the assistant just has it wrong? No testicular cancer confirmed yet.


Probably he wants to do image the ureters.
Imaging of the ureters can be done with a cystoscope by filling the ureters with contrast and then taking a X ray.

It will delineate the ureters and any cancer in the ureters will be seen as a filling defect.

Cystoscopy for testicular cancer is not done.There is no indication for this.One more reason could be to see the prostate gland and grade the obstruction.
Apart from these, I can not think of any other reasons why he would do a cystoscopy.


Customer: replied 4 years ago.


.that all makes sense, thanks.....


you are welcome.

But do let me know the results of the cystoscopy.


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