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What are the red spots that I have on my penis head?

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The head of my penis has had a red spot for 3 months. It gets really red after ejaculation. The skin looks like it is thinner than normal. There is slight discomfort for a few days after ejaculation. I have herpes type 2 but never had a break out. Thought it could be a yeast infection and tried many antifungal creams and cortisone cream but no help. Seen a Dermotologist and he said it was friction but it really gets red after ejaculation, especially when masturbating. There are no other symptoms.

Thanks for your question.

Have you used clotrimazole cream yet?

Can you post a picture of this area so I can see it?

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Yes I have used clotrimazole, but does not do anything. I have also used daktarin cream that has miconazaole and hydrocortisone that seems to help the most, but does not eliminate the redness. It gets better if I don't masturbate or have sex, but never goes away permanently. I took lots of antibiotics for bronchitis that also caused me to get oral thrush but that is gone. I have attached a picture

I don't see an obvious red spot in the picture. Can you draw an arrow to the area of concern. This looks like a normal glans penis to me.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

It is hard to tell in the picture. It is more pinkish than red and crusty. There is a tingling feeling the day after ejaculation. I forgot to mention that when I get an erection I feel a little discomfort sometimes. It might be nothing but I know my body when something is not right.

I don't think your tingling has anything to do with that of your penis and the way it looks. The head of your penis looks normal and it should look pink. If you have tingling, this is commonly due to a prostate infection called prostatitis. This inflammation can lead to inflammation of the nerves that supply the head of the penis and caused this tingling. This can especially happen after ejaculation. I would recommend that your urologist consider examining your prostate and culture your urine to see if you need to put on antibiotics to treat for prostatitis instead.

Customer: replied 3 years ago.

The tingling goes away after I urinate. Are there any other symptoms that prostatitis has?

Prostatitis can present in many ways including tingling, pain when you urinate, pain behind the scrotum, pain in the lower back or thighs or abdomen. Severe infections can cause fevers. You can have one or many of these types of symptoms.

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