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I have an appt with a specialist in regard to the result of

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I have an appt with a specialist in regard to the result of a ct scan that shows "Large right renal cortical cyst measuring up to 10.5 cm". I'm told this is a 4" cyst on my right kidney.
How concerned should I be, and if surgery is suggested, should I get a second opinion?
I would always get a second opinion. These are usually incidental findings on other studies and don't usually cause symptoms. Most likely the specialist will recheck it with an ultrasound or ct with dye in 2 months or so. This is assuming your labs for kidney function are normal. Although seems large it is not uncommon for a cyst this large to have no affect on kidney function. Judging from more detail after looking at the scans the specialist will be able to base recommendations whether or not to biopsy. Again though be reassured these are usually benign and not that unusual.
Good luck
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