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I am an UK citizen receiving pensions from the UK, living permantly

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I am an UK citizen receiving pensions from the UK, living permantly in the US. I received marriage and age (78) allowances up to this year. But I have been told by Inland Revenue that I am no longer eligible for those allowances this year. I have been a UK taxpayer for 56 years and have lived and worked in the UK for 29 years. (1953 - 1982) Should I not be still eligible for these allowances? A. Schneider Tax reference number
Can you tell me what sources of income you pay UK tax on and who your pensions are paid by. Do you pay US tax? Are you a US citizen for US tax purposes?
Can you also tell me if you have a letter from HM Revenue & Customs, the address from which it has been sent and a summary of what it says please.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Teacher's pension (ref.5501529) and Bedfordshire pension administration. I also receive a social security payment, not taxable. I am not a US citizen, for tax purposes or any other. I am a resident alien, married to a US citizen and pay taxes on the UK pension (foreign tax credit.) Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX I click accept when you have finished answering - or when? I have had this letter dated 30th July, which says that I owe additional 2008-2009 tax on the PAYE amounts. It additionally comments that they 'have removed entry on Box 7 - age related married couples allowance as this is not relevant to you. The box should only be completed by a female claimant.' I have had this allowance for 36 years.
Thanks. The reason I asked about the source of your pensions was that pensions paid to former "government employees" remain taxable in the UK unless the double tax treaty between the paying country (UK) and the country of residence (USA) says differently. As a former teacher and local authority employee your pensions remain liable to UK tax. Your state pension is taxable in the country of residence as it is paid gross to every pensioner and it would be impossible for the UK tax authorities to tax every non-resident state pensioner.

The loss of the right to personal allowances from 2010 will only affect a small number of non-resident Commonwealth citizens. As a British subject, you will continue to be entitled to the personal allowances in spite of what the letter you have received says. I suspect it is probably just a badly worded circular sent to all non-residents who have been claiming personal allowances.

As for the Revenue comment "removed entry on Box 7" I cannot comment on this as I don't know which form you completed and submitted to the tax office. I would have thought you would use Form R43 to claim your personal allowances annually. If you let me know which form you are referring to I'll try to deal with that point.
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I have reported the question to see if there is a way of removing your personal details. You didn't need to include these in the question.