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Thomas Judge
Thomas Judge, solicitor Advocate
Category: UK Property Law
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My neighbour has built a rear single story extension and

Customer Question

My neighbour has built a rear single story extension and removed the boundary post an built a wall as well..
I have had a certified surveyor check what he has done, and they have confirmed in writing that the neighbour has built onto our boundary.
He has informed me that I write a letter to my neighbour explaining this fact and decide whether they pay for the land they have encroached.. or we go about getting the wall of the extension and the garden wall taken down.
Is there a template of a letter I can send them?
Is it better to get a headed letter sent to them?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: UK Property Law
Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 1 year ago.

There is not a specific legal template for such a letter. The surveyor is right that such a letter should be written but I would be minded to get a solicitor to write the letter - it usually saves time and has more weight if you are trying to resolve such a matter. A local litigation solicitor would be able to write such a letter - he can also emphasis the threat of legal action on the basis of the trespass which they have undertaken on your land. Happy to discuss - please remember to rate positive

Expert:  Thomas Judge replied 1 year ago.

Please remember to rate positive - thanks

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