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I was misled on the purchase of my saying that

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I was misled on the purchase of my saying that i mean enqiuring about the neighbouring area which is bad and full of drug dealers. Imade enqiures when i moved in but the vendors told me a complete lie. After having solicitors dealing with it , they said there was nothing i can do about it. It seems like i have been robbed by both parties and i have to sell up.Is there anything i can do to seek some kind of justice or can people really get away with these kind of lies

Please can you give me details of the specific question you asked of them and what they said in reply?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Before i moved in to this property i made specific enqiures on the neighbouring area to the vendor through Halifax Estate Agents They had told me that the house was empty because the lady had been taken ill . But this was not true after doing my research as she moved in to a similar property in Leicester so her disibility was not the issue as was her reason for leaving the house empty.Now we were faced with bad neighbours and anti socialable behaviour including someone putting news paper through my letter box and setting fire to it.Boundary issues also problem.The Solicitors looked into this but said there was no proof of the vendors having any problems and i did not have a case.I then found out that previous vendors was only living here for approx 2 years.And i did have a phone conversation with the vendors regarding neigbours and the area in general. How do get the truth as i believe this to be a perfect case of fraud and misleading. on both sides of Solicitors neglect and lies from vendors.We feel we have to sell the house alot cheaper than we had bought it for just to try and get out of this mess in which nobody wants to do any thing about it. The vendors told me after asking them they had no problems here and the neighbourhood was a very qiete place to live. Also having to declare all of this to my buyer will cause me further problems proberly in the future.

Thanks for your reply.

In order for you to have a contract claim against your Seller you must be able to prove that they have misrepresented something they have known about the property.

There is a question within the Property Information Forms that your Seller should have completed asking about whether there have been any dispute with the neighbours. I generally also submit my own further enquiry asking about whether the Seller has ever had cause to complain about neighbours.

If they have answered dishonestly stating that they have not been in dispute or have not had occasion to complain of the neighbours and you can prove with evidence that this was a misrepresentation then you would have a contract claim against the Seller for misrepresentation.

There are two issues. The first is that you need proof that she experienced this behaviour. You should endeavour to get some but it may be difficult.

The second is that it is only worth suing someone if they have assets or income against which you can enforce any successful judgement that you obtain at Court. If the seller does not have any money then it is not really worth suing them.

Check the replies, try to get what proof you can and take it from there.

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