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i have enter a 12 month tenacy agreement with out a breaking

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i have enter a 12 month tenacy agreement with out a breaking clause, i have paid 6 months in advance.
I spoke to my landlord about having a pet she text me and i have kept the text say i can have a pet as long as i have cleaned the carpets, I have kept the text now we are having problems over the house and the problems which need to be fixed she has told me when she turns up next month to do an inspection if the dog is there she will give me 2 months notice to quite as i am braking my lease i am only 3 months into my lease, she is insist she never sent that text.


Thanks for your question.


I assume this is a residential tenancy. Are you occupying the property under an assured shorthold tenancy?


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Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes this private landlord,

...and are you occupying under an assured shorthold tenancy?



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Yes 12 months with no break clause



If you have the text message from the landlord confirming that you are permitted to keep the pet subject to carpet cleaning then this in effect is an agreed oral variation of the terms of the tenancy and she will not be able to evict you. It is very important you keep this as you may need to prove it to the Court. If you can foward it on as an email so that you can print it out then I would do so.


Assuming the above is accepted as a variation to the tenancy she may only evict you if you are two months in arrears with the rent, have persistently paid the rent late or have allowed the state of the property to detoriorate provided you have not received any other notices from the landlord.


She cannot evict you without an order for possession from the Court, if she tries then there will be a hearing during which you can produce your evidence of variation. If you do this it is likely her claim will be defeated.


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