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Rick Ridley
Rick Ridley, UK Heating Engineer
Category: UK Plumbing
Satisfied Customers: 2708
Experience:  30 Years on the tools, now retired, Ex CORGI
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Hi, I have a Vokera Compact 28 combi-boiler. recently i have

Customer Question

Hi, I have a Vokera Compact 28 combi-boiler. recently i have been having problems with the heating. I have hot water all the time and system 'fires up' whenever I put on a hot tap. Once I turn the tap off the system gurgles and the red light comes on for a few seconds then reverts to a steady flashing green light again. However, I have no heating and the system does not 'fire up' when the timer turns to a time when the heating is due on or if you switch the dial to 'ON'. Occasionally the system tries to fire up for the heating to come but it turns off after a few seconds. Very occasionally the heating stays on for an hour or so but then turns off and stays off for a good while. An engineer has visited and changed the pump but no difference to the problem, I am now awaiting another engineer but thought I'd ask people that may actually know of the problem and not guess!
Submitted: 6 years ago.
Category: UK Plumbing
Expert:  Rick Ridley replied 6 years ago.
Hi I am Rick, UK Plumber, and I specialize on Boiler problems, sounds like the water pressure switch is not operating, as long as the fan and pump are running then the pressure switch is next in line, Rick
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Thank you for your answer but it turned out to be the clock switch that was faulty and needed replacing.
Expert:  Rick Ridley replied 5 years ago.
No problem, Rick

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