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Gary Robinson
Gary Robinson, UK Nissan Car Mechanic
Category: UK Nissan
Satisfied Customers: 735
Experience:  25 years of working on Nissans, from Cherrys to Qashqais!
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hi have a nissan xtrail and the air bag light keeps flashing

Customer Question

hi have a nissan xtrail and the air bag light keeps flashing any help please
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: UK Nissan
Expert:  Gary Robinson replied 7 years ago.



Thank you for your question.


There are a number of reasons why the air bag warning light may have activated and the fault code will be stored in the ECU (electronic control unit). I would recommend having a diagnostic check carried out which will reveal the fault code and point you towards the problem. It may be something as simple as a loose connection, or it could be a faulty sensor, but without the diagnostic check it's not easy to trace the problem. Remember though, air bags can be dangerous, so please take care, and in the event of an accident they might not deploy if the warning light is on or flashing. Like the engine computer and ABS computer, the air bag control module runs a self-check every time the vehicle is driven. If it finds a fault in a crash sensor, one of the air bag modules, or the wiring then it will turn on the warning light.


I hope this answers your question.


Regards, Gary.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Hi can it be disconnected or the bulb removed
Expert:  Gary Robinson replied 7 years ago.

Thanks for getting back to me.

That would have to be your decision, but I would highly recommend against it. If you were involved in an accident the air bags might not deploy. I would suggest a diagnostic check firstly, the repair might not be too expensive.


Regards, Gary.