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I maybe offered a position within a bank on either a temporary

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I maybe offered a position within a bank on either a temporary or permanent basis. I received a CCJ when I was living in Hong Kong in early 2009. Basically a small credit card amount of GBP300 that was forgotten about. On my arrival back in the UK April 2009 I found out about the debt through a debt collection agency and satisfied the debt which was registered through Northampton Courts as satisfied February 2010. I am very concerned that this may effect my potential employment if I receive an offer. Can you advise.

Joshua :

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Joshua :

For the avoidance of any doubt the debt was in respect of a UK credit cared. Is this correct please?


I cant see your answer

Joshua :

For the avoidance of any doubt may I clarify that the debt was in respect of a UK credit card. Is this correct please?


I am a little confused as I cant see an answer to the question

I have switched to the question and answer format as you appear to be experiencing difficulties with chat. I apologies if this is the case. Hopefully this format will work better for you.

  1. For the avoidance of any doubt may I clarify that the debt was in respect of a UK credit card. Is this correct please?

  2. Do I also understand that you did not receive court papers in respect of the judgement?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes it was for a UK credit card

Thanks. CCJs do not affect employment generally but some regulated FSA positions do require credit scoring. Many employers would be happy to accept your explanation in this respect and the impact of a CCJ is reduced because it is shown as satisfied. However employers by definition can be variable in this respect.

If credit scoring is required for your position you would do well to consider answering any such questions asked of you honestly as failure to disclose can be potentially fraudulent and a basis for dismissal.

There are further steps you can look to take however to potentially remove the CCJ from your file. You can consider making an application to set the judgement aside using form N244.You will need to give a statement explaining the position and ask the judge to set aside the default judgement on the basis that you did not receive papers and that had you done so the matter would have been settled. You will need to explain why you are so late in making the application to explain the delay. You will have to pay £85 fee with your application.



Assuming the application is successful the claimant will be back to square one and the CCJ removed. You will need to demonstrate that you have not delayed the application from the point you discovered it and you can demonstrate that you claim that you did not receive papers and that is why you did not respond to them.


I cannot say that at this point your application will be successful because there has been substantial delay on her part. However if you may consider that the potential benefit is worth the application fee and of course you could advise your employer that you have also made an application to set aside the CCJ.


Does the above answer all your questions or is there anything I can clarify or help with any further?


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