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can anyone please tell me how i can contact aquapay london

Customer Question

can anyone please tell me how i can contact aquapay london bridgend as they keep taking money out my bank and i dont know why
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: UK Law
Expert:  PTS Law Ltd replied 8 years ago.



If you bank on line, get on to them immediately and find out upon what basis the payments are being taken Ask whether you have signed a direct debit in respect of this.


If not speak to your bank first thing on Monday morning.


If it does not register with you, then stop the payments and ask the bank to keep a look-out for any further attempts to take money.


I will now see if I am able to find them and will come back to you.



Expert:  PTS Law Ltd replied 8 years ago.



It would appear that AquaPay is a merchant card-clearing finance house. There are a number of similar sounding sites all linked to the on-line gambling market.


AquaPay London would appear, more likely than not, to be a scam. You must inform the police. In addition seek refund from your bank



I believe that this answers your question and would ask you, please to click 'Accept' so that I can be paid. Acceptance will not close the session and if there is any point which requires clarification I will be happy to deal with it. We can still continue our dialogue.


Best wishes.



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