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Category: UK Immigration Law
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Hello , I have been refused entry clearance for the UK based

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Hello , I have been refused entry clearance for the UK based on the following statement :
1)"(...) you failed how much you anticipate your trip to cost".
I am pretty sure that I answered this part , and otherwise I believe that I will not have been able to submit my online form without answering this (or any other )question. Also can it really be a reason for refusing a visa ?
2) "I have taken note of the evidence of your sponsor's employment; however I considered your own circumstance in Switzerland when assessing your application"
I have no idea what this about ; I have never live in the Switzerland , as I mentioned in my form I am living partly in Belgium and in MAASTRICHT , The Netherlands for my studies( non-worker student). I then believe that it is a mistake from the caseworker which makes me suspicious with how much caution was my application reviewed..
3) "You have failed to provide the evidence of your sponsor's fund and his ability to fund your trip and you own funds and declare income"
I submitted pay slips of my step-father ( sponsor) thinking it would be enough , so I believe that what is lacking is a bank transfer from my stepfather with the amount of money I said was available to be ?
Also as I just recently moved abroad from the family house , the monthly/income I mentioned concern the months to come , I don't yet have a long income history as I've been living in the netherlands for a short period of time. Is that element against me ?

Finally , I planned to for to the UK in 2 weeks , and I don't know the alternatives I have to try to get it as fast as possible.
Thanks for your help



What nationality are you?


What visa have you applied for?


Did your step father provide a sponsorship declaration or letter of sponsorship?



Customer: replied 3 years ago.

I am from Ivorian Nationality.
I have applied for a General Visitor Visa.
And my step father did not provided a sponsorship declaration , but a letter stating that he was responsible of me financially.



It sounds like they have rejected your applications on the basis that you have not provided enough documentation for your funds to cover the cost of your trip and also because your father did not submit sponsorship documentation.

The first reason for refusal that you were 13 is to prove that you can cover the costs of your trip to the u k, including any any anticipated costs. I normally advise clients to produce a budget for the costs when I submit the application and show that I have this amount plus about 50 percent more in the bank account. If you have not produced a budget or evidence of the likely cost of your stay then they can reject on this basis.

I accept that the second point for you have raised this phrase a bit confusing lee but I do not think that this is the name basis for using your visa.

The finals reasons for refusal and I suspect that this is the main one is that your father did not submit a sponsorship declaration. If the letter simply said he is responsible for you financially and I do not think this letter went far enough. I would always advise clients to attend a local solicitor to execute a sponsorship declaration. This is a deed sworn as a statutory declaration which states your relationship with your father and then confirms that he will be responsible for the unforeseen costs of your stay should They occur. It would submit certified evidence of your father's identity, evidence of his bank statements showing that he has the financial resources to actually cover your stay and also any other financial documentation demonstrating is resources.

Unfortunately, you will not have been given a right to appeal because this is a general visitors visa application. This means that the only way forward it to correct the above errors and submit a completely new application. I am very sorry but this is the only way around this. You can ask the united kingdom border agency for reconsideration of your application but I'm very very much doubt that it will change the decision.

If this is useful please kindly click accept and rate my answer as okay service or above if you do not then I do not receive any credit for the time I have taken to answer your question.

Kind regards

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