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Howard, Immigration Lawyer
Category: UK Immigration Law
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Experience:  Senior Partner with nearly 20 years experience in UK Immigration Law.
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I am 26 years old, living in Egypt, of Egyptian nationality.

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I am 26 years old, living in Egypt, of Egyptian nationality. I own a real estate company with my father and another partner in Egypt, and proof of this is seen in the company registrar outlining shares of each partner. I graduated from the best high school in Egypt, and one of the best in the world. I have been taught in English my whole life, and graduated high school and went to Montreal, Canada to study for my undergraduate degree. Unfortunately I left Canada in 2009, with 2 years left to complete my undergraduate degree, as I fell ill and needed to stay home with my family in Egypt. since then I have been working in our real estate company, but have not been satisfied, as I lack some academic structure in my field. I applied for a masters degree in real estate, my field in more than one university. I am worried since there is a big gap since I last studied and that the ECO will reject my application. I have up to date TOEFL scores of high scoring, 2 letters of recommendation, one of them signed by 2 of the worlds leading CEOs, and a well respected organization, bank statements that satisfy the financial requirements, letter of intent, my high school diploma, I can also provide a transcript from my university in Canada showing the number of credits completed and that I have not had the chance to complete my education(but unofficial copy). Somehow I still feel that my visa would be rejected, and I am studying and planning ahead of time. I feel that the absence of an undergraduate degree in front of the Entry Clearance Officer, would be why I am rejected. Our company is starting a big new project in Egypt, and that is enough evidence that I will return after my 1 year of studying, not to mention owned property, and shares in company . I would appreciate it if someone were to work closely with me. Thank you
Are you saying that you do not hold a Bachelor degree and you are applying to take a Masters degree course? Have you been accepted onto the Masters degree course and paid fees? It would be rather unusual to be able to take a Masters degree course without first holding a Bachelor degree.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I am applying as a working professional, as I have been in my field of work for more than 3 years now, so yes I do not hold a bachelors degree, given that I am accepted into the Masters degree, what would you say?

If the University has accepted you onto the course then this should be not a reason for refusal in isolation. I would ensure that you include ALL information that will have been supplied to the University on which the based their decision to allow you onto the course. Make sure that you follow all guidance very carefully so that there are no other issues in the application. If you have a letter from the University to confirm the basis on which they have accepted you onto the course that makes clear an undergraduate qualification is not the only way that you can qualify for acceptance onto this course then that might also help matters. The key will be to ensure that there is no excuse for confusion by the caseworker who decides your application.

If acceptance has been based on work experience then it might not hurt to include a letter from your employer to confirm that they are allowing you time away from work to obtain this qualification that will be of significant benefit to you career and that you will be expected to return back to the employer upon completion of the course.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Sometimes the ECO refuses student visas due to suspicion that the person is not intending to genuinely study in the UK, and this is triggered by an elongated gap period between the last time they studied, how does this tie into my case, as I asked before

That is why I said to ensure that the basis of acceptance onto the course is made clear. Without that gap in education you would not have obtained the work experience required to qualify without an undergraduate degree... this is what needs to be clear.

You have mentioned that you already have evidence of the reason for not completing the undergraduate qualification. Add the employer letter stating intended return and education for career purposes, which can also make clear the employment history that has been the basis for acceptance, and confirmation from the University of the basis for acceptance and your case will be as strong as it can possibly be.

There is also nothing to stop you including a personal letter outlining the situation if you wish to do so.

Again, the key is to ensure that the situation is made clear as you have a genuine situation and genuine acceptance onto a genuine course. Just make sure that is evidenced and there will be no genuine reason for refusal. If you were refused on the basis you are concerned about but had suitably evidenced everything then an appeal would be expected to be successful.
Howard, Immigration Lawyer
Satisfied Customers: 459
Experience: Senior Partner with nearly 20 years experience in UK Immigration Law.
Howard and other UK Immigration Law Specialists are ready to help you
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