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Howard, Immigration Lawyer
Category: UK Immigration Law
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My FLR O application has been refused, and got the right to

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My FLR O application has been refused, and got the right to appeal. I wanted to ask that is it possible if I apply for a new category during my appeal process?
I did submited my that application befor it expires.
I have been in UK since October 2008, my wife from india joined me in 2010 now we have a 18 months kid.
Our application FLR O was based on private life.
You would be asked in the application if you had any other applications or appeals pending and it is likely you would be asked which you want to proceed with. Do you feel that you have valid grounds for appeal and that the refusal was incorrect under the rules and guidance? If so then you might consider making sure you just submit a strong appeal. If the decision was correct and you feel that a different application would be more suitable then you could quickly submit a new application.
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Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Thanks . I want to confirm again that I can go for another application while am on appeal.
Further more about my refusal, am in the UK since October 2008,my wife joined me from India in 2010 & we got a kid now 18 months old, coz we haven't fullfilled any of the requirements,they refused.But the situation at the moment is that going back home will spoil my career & my family life, what do you suggest about the appeal.
Generally speaking you should not. If you do then you must disclose this and the usual result might be that you are asked to choose whether the appeal or application should proceed.

If you did not meet any of the requirements then an appeal is not going to be successful - the purpose of the appeal is to determine if you should have been approved and you have already said that you did not meet the requirements.

For more detailed advice about your specific application you should start a new topic, as this is beyond the scope of your original question that I have answered, or see an immigration lawyer.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.
Sorry am a bit confuse at the moment, am ok to disclose my appeal when opt for another application, I only wanted to confirm that the second application will be accepted,considering that my last visa expired on 1st of April but I did applied for FLR O before it expires.
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Hi Abu,

I noticed that you viewed my response but you haven't let me know if your question was fully answered. Don't forget to let me know if you have further questions or if I had managed to fully answer your question!

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