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Category: UK Immigration Law
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I just finished my masters in film acting at the University

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I just finished my masters in film acting at the University of London Central Theatre and would like to continue my career in the UK. They have done away with the post graduate visa which I planned to use. Do I have any other options and/or paths available and what are my chances of remaining to work in the UK?

Do you have a job offer from an employer willing to sponsor to work for them?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No. I have sent my resume to some of the larger agents and they replied that they were not taking new clients at this time. I am now sending it to some of the smaller agencies but do not know if they will be sponsored. I also have a degree in mass communication and if I knew where to look would seek employment in that while I pursue my acting career.


Are you in a reationship with anyone in the UK and if so what is their immigration status?

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes I have a fiance in London and we have been together for the last year but have not planned any marriage for at least another year for financial and social reasons. She is a UK resident born in Great Britain.


Thanks for your patience.

The options for you are thing I’m afraid.

You can either marry now and apply for a spouse visa if you meet the eligibility criteria:-

If this is not an option for you then this means that you would be looking at applying under the Tier 2 Sponsored Skilled Workers Visa provisions. You will have to see if there is a job that you could do in the UK on the shortage occupation list:-

You would have to then secure a job offer from a UK employer who is or would become a licensed sponsor of skilled migrants:-

If your job is not on this list then this means that you employer would have to apply to become a licensed sponsor of skilled migrants and also confirm to the UKBA that they have carried out a the Resident Labour Market Test. This test is effectively to show that their are no resident/eea national in the locality that can perform your role, though this might be difficult if there are other accounts officers who could do the role.

If they are willing to sponsor then you will also have to meet the requisite number of points under the Tier 2 points based system:-

You will see at the top right hand side there is an option to use their calculator to work out how many points you are eligible for.

There is lots of information on Tier 2 Sponsored Skilled Workers visas here:-

Apart from that I cannot see any other options for you I’m afraid.

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Kind regards,

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Would it be of any assistance to retain an attorney or would this be a waste of funds without a sponsored employer or marriage?

No, waster of money. They have to work within the immigration rules, which dictate your options as above. No magic bullets I"m afraid.

Please remember to rate my answer.

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