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Hi. Thanks for previous help. As you know I need to extend

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Hi. Thanks for previous help. As you know I need to extend tier 1 general visa and I have problem for dependand's maintenance fund. The question is, Can I apply in person and get my visa extended and then in a day or two my wife and son will apply and for my son she will use my papers for savings account that I have used? Not separate account with 90 days saving but the same? Or Immigration officers will be checking if I as main applicant already used it and got approval? I can take 2 papers from bank on 2 different days.
Thanks in advance
Hi thank you for your question. Please remember to RATE my answer OK SERVICE, GOOD SERVICE OR EXCELLENT SERVICE so I can get credited for my time.

Of you have the funds required for both yourself and your wife and child in your bank account then there is nothing stopping you providing evidence in both your application and your families application.

If you had applied at the same time then you would have used the same bank statement for your and your family's application so it would not be any different now.

The ukba officer will look at the fact your wife and child are applying as your dependents and if the bank statement has your name on it then they will know that the amount needed in your account must be sufficient for you and your family.

If you have enough maintenance for yourself and your family and it has been in your account for 90 days at the time of the application, then the ukba will accept your applications.

I hope this answers your question and clarifies any doubts you may have had, if so kindly leave positive feedback.

Kind regards
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

No, the situation is a bit different. I have enough for myself, but I completely forgot that I have to provide evidence for dependants. My wife has enough amount to provide evidence for herself but not for our son. So the question is, can i extend my visa first, and then when I have successfully extended mine, my wife and son will go, and for his maintenance fund she will use same bank statement, that I have already used for my visa extension? Like on Monday I will get visa extended, and on Wednesday my wife and son will go, and for his maintenance funds we will use same bank statement.

Thanks in advance

Thank you for your reply.

Well in theory yes it can work, you would have been granted leave to remain on your finances as the time of your application and your wife and child's leave at the time of their application which as you said will be sufficient. So yes it should be fine.

You must obviously be willing to support your wife's application and provided your funds have not changed since your application then I do not see a problem with what you mentioned.

I hope this answers your question, if so kindly leave positive feedback

Kind regards
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